Snyder Breaks Down The Newest Wildcats

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Coach Snyder took some time to talk about the Wildcat haul and break down his thoughts on what certain players bring to the table, who will play immediately and what needs were filled on Wednesday. Stating that you cannot get everyone on capmus 'immediately', Coach Snyder talks about how players will make it to Manhattan.

Wednesday was National Signing Day and after the faxes had stopped coming in -Head Coach Bill Snyder spoke about this year's crop on new Wildcats.

"We will see how it plays out.....but you do not know until as we say a couple of years down the road," stated Synder.

"Overall, we totally perhaps did not fulfill the needs that we had. And the quality of each individual will define that a little bit more clearly as the years pass," stated Snyder as he told the media how this class will be defined.

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