"I can't wait to finally be there."

Angelo Pease lead Cairo High School in Ga. to a AAA state championship as a senior in '08. He was named AP All-State and Georgia's Offensive Player of the Year by the AJC. He signed with K-State in 2009, but as a non-qualifier he enrolled at Hutchinson Community College and joined the Blue Dragon football program. Pease starts classes next month in Manhattan and talks about his future here....

"The two years I spent at Hutch gave me a better idea of how Division 1 football is going to be," said Angelo Pease of the JuCo experience. "It showed me how quicker the game is at that level from high school by going against so many future Division 1 players. Everything moved at a faster, quicker pace when I first got here. Things slowed down last year, and I think going in now, I'm better prepared to handle the adjustment of the game speed."

In his first season at Hutch, Pease played quarterback, the position he's played all of his life. As a sophomore the Blue Dragon coaching staff used him in more of an "athlete" role as a running back, a slot receiver, and a kickoff return specialist.

"I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would," said Pease of the change. "The transition wasn't hard. I feel blessed to have the athletic ability to excel in the game I love. In the spring if Kansas State wants to put me at quarterback, I'll be happy, but I'll play wherever they need me to. Hopefully, I'll stay on offense though because that's what I know."

Pease, 5-11, 210, rushed for 834 (5.4 yards-per carry) and nine touchdowns. He also threw for 281 yards with six tiuchdown passes with zero interceptions. As a kick returner he had 151 yards for a 18.9 average per return and 71 receiving yards. Pease had 1,115 total yards for the season and was named All-Region (Midlands). The Blue Dragons went 10-2 and finished 5th nationally in the NJCAA poll. Kansas State was always his next stop.

"When I was being recruited out of high school, a lot of schools backed off due to my grades, but Kansas State stuck with me," said Pease. "They were loyal to me through the whole predicament, so I stayed loyal to them.

"Some schools did inquire about me, but they probably never knew I was still solid to Kansas State. I love the staff Coach Snyder has around him. They're all nice men. I've had a good relationship with Coach (Dana) Dimel who I talked to regularly during my two years at JuCo."

Three of Pease's teammates at Hutch have already joined the Wildcat program. Last year, Matthew Pearson came to Kansas State after playing at Hutchinson. This year, Meshak Williams and Shaun Simon (with Pease) make up the trio of Blue Dragons turned Wildcats.

"I'm going to be in Manhattan on March 15th to begin classes," said Pease. "I talk to my friends, Matthew and Meshak, and they tell me to run. So I'm running everyday and lifting."

If the coaching staff decides to use Pease at running back, wide receiver, quarterback, or special teams, he has one goal in mind.

"First off, I want to win the Big 12 championship," Pease said. "In the spring I'll know more where I'm going to play position-wise, but my goal is to start once I know the system and how I fit in. They've talked to me about returning kicks.

"I think my field vision allows me to hit the holes, make cuts, and use my speed to find open space to run. At quarterback, I have an awareness that comes with experience where I feel the pressure coming. My throwing arm's pretty good and have good accuracy. If I play slide receiver them I'd mostly be matched up against safeties and linebackers and think my speed will really help me make plays.

"I can't wait to finally be there," he added.

Pease played baseball and ran track at Cairo in addition to football. At Hutchinson, he studied Sports Management. For the Blue Dragons he wore No. 2.

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