'Football is Football'

Having the speed to play both outside linebacker or with a little more weight rush defensive end, Mike Moore came to Kansas State ready to play. Although for many players making the transition from the speed and knowledge of High School Football to Division I College football takes time, Moore says he is ready to go.

Mike Moore, the talented OLB from Dallas Skyline took some time to talk to KStateFans and gave some interesting viewpoints of what he expects from this season and where he sees himself playing.

"Football is football. There are going to be some new things and just getting used to everyone and all but football is football. I am sure there will be some adjusting as we learn new things on the defense but it is still the same thing anywhere and I just am working hard and trying to get my conditioning right now," stated Moore.

Asked whether or not he was looking to play right away or take a red-shirt year, Moore was quick to point out that it was all up to the coaching staff and where they felt he fit best and if he was ready.

"I am not really sure if I will redshirt. I am going to leave that up to the coaches and they will let me know what they want to do with that. I just am trying to work hard right now and if I can play right away you know that is good too but I am not sure what I want to do yet."

A natural outside linebacker with tremendous speed off the edge, Moore states he is working out at the Mike (middle linebacker) position and that he likes manning the middle of the defense.

"I am working at the Mike right now and I think that is probably my best position. I can slide over and play either of the other two spots but Mike is where I am at right now."

Playing middle linebacker is a little different in terms of responsibility and range with many programs switching out players to tailor their defenses to down and distance. In talking with Moore, he says he feels he can be an every down player due to his speed and versatility.

"I put on a little more muscle before I came here and I have been working on my speed. I like to blitz the quarterback and come off the edge but I can also drop into coverage and use my speed that way to pick up whoever I need to. I am out here for a purpose and that is to play football. I have worked really hard and I am going to keep doing it so that I can be a better player. I like to defend the pass and I like to blitz too."

Everyone reading this knows that being from a High School like Dallas Skyline comes with expectations and that Skyline yearly pumps out talent to programs all over the country. Moore will undoubtedly end up playing against former teammates in the Big 12, something he laughs about and says he looks forward to in the future.

"Yea I still talk with a lot of guys and keep in touch. I know I am going to see some of them and that's ok because I plan on playing against them and just seeing them and talking with them, you know we keep in touch and talk some about when we play."

Getting to know his new teammates, Moore says that getting to Manhattan and meeting everyone has been a really good experience.

"Everyone here is getting along. There are a lot of new people here and just meeting everyone and getting to know each other, we all are getting along. "

Asked if he had a message for the Wildcat Nation, Moore stated: "I know how much K-State fans value their football and we look for their support. Tell them I look forward to them coming out and I am happy to be here and be a part of this. Just let them know we are going to play for them and I am happy to be here."

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