Darren Sproles Is A Saint

MANHATTAN, Kan. - No seriously, Sproles really is a Saint and this saint gets to play with certain Hall of Fame QB- Drew Brees. New Orleans signed Darren to a 4 year deal with an average of $3.5 mln per year.

With the NFL Lockout finally over, teams across the country lined up their best pitches and started negotiating with every free agent they had their eyes on but were unable to talk with due to the lockout.

And if you like fast and furious action with free agent signings all over the country and players signing BIG contracts - this years' version was a free for all.

With free agent Reggie Bush electing to take his services to Miami, the New Orleans Saints zeroed in on Darren Sproles.

With both the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Diego Chargers interested in landing Sproles, the New Orleans Saints ended up getting one of the NFL's most dynamic players.

Sproles new contract is for 4 years and will pay him an average of $3.5 millon a year. This was a big splash for the Saints as Sproles is can not only play on special teams and be a return man for them but also will play running back as well.

Filling the void that Bush left when he decided to sign with Miami, Darren is going to turn heads in the sometimes wide open offense that New Orleans is known to play.

The Saints offense is very versatile and should play nicely into Darren's strengths as both a runner and change of pace back. One of Sproles strong points is his ability to take simple plays, make one person miss and take it to the house. Consider Sproles out of the backfield on a dump pass and his ability with even a sliver of open light and you know the Saints will be looking to tailor specific plays to him.

This was a match made in heaven. Sproles is a near picture perfect fit for New Orleans with his outstanding ability in the open field, catching passes out of the backfield and known ability to cut on a dime and breaks tackles.

Sproles was dangerous in San Diego returning both punts and kicks and with the offensive firepower of the Saints, Sproles could be a gamebreaker. This is a pick your poison type of option and it will be interested to see how defenses adjust to try and slow the Saint offense.

"I think it is awesome" stated Drew Brees upon hearing the news Sproles had signed on the dotted line.

Already being called contenders for the Super Bowl - the Saints just added one of the leagues most dynamic and dangerous offensive weapons.

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