Does K-State Own Texas in Football?

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Since the beginning of the Big 12 conference, Kansas State and Texas have faced off on the gridiron seven times and K-State has come away smiling five of the seven times. Some have said that Kansas State owns Texas in football, Head Coach Bill Snyder weighed in on the topic at the Big 12 Media Days.

Since the creation of the Big 12 conference, Kansas State has collided with Texas a total of seven times and of the seven meetings, K-State has won five of those meetings. They say everything is bigger in Texas and if they are talking about the staggering Texas Athletics Budget, they would be right.

How staggering? Well, how about $153.5 million staggering. That is what Texas Athletic Director Deloss Dodds oversees. With this amount of money, it should not shock anyone to know that Texas has poured over $380 million to renovate or build buildings over the past two decades.

The stated purpose of these renovations was to create "state-of-the-art -- to be the best" facilities and certainly the Longhorns have tapped their war chest to build these.

The purpose of all these upgrades is to give your athletic program and your athletes every conceivable edge that state-of-the-art equipment can supply in order to create advantages on the field of play.

I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find another athletic department anywhere in the country that has better facilities overall than The University of Texas. But the best of the best facilities and training tools thus far has not translated into wins for the Longhorns against Kansas State. All of the state-of-the-art facilities aside and the advantages that the best of the best equipment brings, K-State has been able to win with less.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that clearly Texas has some of the deepest pockets in all of college football. That being the case, there is also a case to be made for old-fashioned hard work and a never say die attitude.

Head Coach Bill Snyder is a man that demands maximum effort and a work ethic from his players. Kansas State has built a reputation on having a workman like approach and for many years has been the underdog.

Below are the Win/Loss records year by year between K-State and Texas since the formation of the Big 12 Conference.

1998 - Kansas State 48 – Texas 7
1999 - Kansas State 35 – Texas 17
2002 - Kansas State 14 – Texas 17
2003 - Kansas State 20 – Texas 24
2006 - Kansas State 45 – Texas 42
2007 - Kansas State 41 – Texas 21
2010 - Kansas State 39 – Texas 14

Given the lopsided loss last year to the Wildcats, there are those in the media and fans around the country that feel Kansas State has the unlisted number of the Longhorns.

With a new scheduling format where K-State and Texas will play one another every year now, the issue was recently brought up by the media and Head Coach Bill Snyder was asked his opinion on the "Hex".

This is what Coach Snyder had to say when asked:

Question - "Kansas State has had Texas's number pretty much over the life of the Big 12. Are you relieved now that you get to play Texas every year?"

Answer - COACH SNYDER: "No (laughter). We've been very, very fortunate. I don't think there's anybody that doubts the quality and capabilities of the University of Texas and their ball program, their athletic program, the quality of coaches they have. Nobody does it better than Mack Brown and the quality of young athletes that they have.

We all realize that these are highest-caliber young players that -- we've just been fortunate, fortunate that our players play extremely hard. Fortunate that our young -- things just kind of fell into place in several of those ball games that we've played with the University of Texas.

And I hope we continue to have good fortune. But I assure you that we don't have anybody's number, Texas or anybody else for that matter. And it's game by game, year by year, and I don't think that will change at all. I just hope we can compete this year with them."

Texas is Texas and they are going to continue to win games and have good seasons. If you take a moment to look at what Mack Brown has done at Texas, it is impressive. You do not roll off 10 win seasons, a MNC and a Heisman trophy under your watch and not be a great program. Of recent it is true that K-State has reeled off a string of wins against the Horns, but as with everything in life things tend to move in stages.

With the advent of the new Big 12 conference schedule, every team will play one another each year – which should provide more concrete evidence of whether or not the ‘Hex' really does exist.

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