MANHATTAN, Kan. - K-State and Baylor will open Big 12 Conference action Saturday in a 2:30 contest at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. In the spotlight will be the flashy Robert Griffin III for Baylor, and the blue-collarish Collin Klein for Kansas State.

What will give?

Baylor on offense: 51.3 points per game, 594 yards per game; Kansas State's defense: 10.3 points per game, 246 yards per game.

The difference from these two teams – the best on offense in the Bears and the best on defense in the Wildcats – is an amazing 40 points and 384 yards.

Those two teams – 3-0 K-State and 3-0 Baylor – will meet on Saturday at 2:30 at Bill Snyder Family Stadium and before the cameras of ABC. Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III said, "It will be great. They're coming off a big win against Miami at Miami, so they'll be excited. I'm sure it will be a great atmosphere." Robert Griffin III.

"The biggest concern is that guy that runs it, passes it and kicks it," said KSU coach Bill Snyder. "Griffin is an amazing player. He is the single major concern out of a lot of concerns."

The Baylor junior leads the Big 12 in passing efficiency completing an astonishing .854 of his passes for 321 yards per game with 13 touchdowns and zero interceptions in 82 passing attempts. Oh yes, that's 13 touchdowns and only 12 … that's 12 … incomplete passes all season.

"What makes Robert so different is his competitive nature. That's really the thing that I respect about him a whole lot. He's a fierce, fierce competitor," said Baylor coach Art Briles. "And if you play any sport, and there are two guys that are arm wrestling and they're equal, the one that's more competitive is going to win. The thing that helps Robert is that he is blessed with a lot of talent to go along with that competitive spirit."

Coming off a 338-yard passing and 51-yard rushing performance against Rice last week, Griffin III said of the Bears' offense, "Coach (Briles) has been putting us in great situations. The receivers are doing a great job keeping the ball off the ground, catching everything that we throw at them. So to have the success that we're having, it's not just me; it's not just the receivers. It's everybody.

Sometimes you can get sidetracked and get happy about what you're doing. I think the guys are doing a great job in making sure that doesn't happen."

BU's statement came in the opener with a 50-48 win over TCU, followed by 48-0 and 56-31 blowouts, respectively, against Stephen F. Austin and Rice.

Of that offensive output, Briles says, "You've got to have guys playing at a high rate of speed with a lot of confidence, which our people are. You've got to have athletic players that are able to make plays and space, which our guys can. You've got to have a guy that's got confidence, vision and ability to deliver the football on time and on the money, which we have. It's a whole combination of a lot of things being on the same page at the right amount of speed."

Kansas State will counter that speed with some defensive speed of its own that has limited its three opponents to just 7, 0 and 24 points. To those collective efforts, Briles tips his hat to K-State coach Bill Snyder.

"He's always had his touch on their program and their personnel," said Briles. "As people stay in the system longer, they're going to have an opportunity to improve because of their knowledge on the field and the situations." If not before last Saturday, K-State showed it

can move the football, especially on the ground with Josh Hubert's 166-yard effort, plus 93 more from Collin Klein.

They are the top-ranking 1-2 running punch in the Big 12 with Klein averaging 103 yards per game and Hubert 95 yards per game.

Says Baylor defensive end Gary Mason, "You have to stop the run before you do anything. If you can't stop the run, then you're in trouble.

First, we've got to stop the runs and make them predictable so they can pass."

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