MANHATTAN, Kan. - With the win over Miami celebration now over with, here are a batch of notes on the importance of Bill Snyder to K-State's football history, and what another 2011-like season would mean to Wildcat quarterback Collin Klein.

This is K-State's 117th year of football with its all-time record at 476-613-41, or just 4.1 wins per season. Bill Snyder has coached 161 of those victories in his 20 seasons (plus two games ins 2012) for an average of eight wins per season. In the other 96 seasons K-State averaged just over three W's per season.

If one wanted to match those 161 wins during his two tenures – 1989-2005; 2009-12 – one would have to go back to 1934 to reach that win total. That includes the coaching efforts of Ron Prince, Stan Parrish, Lee Moon, Jim Dickey, Ellis Rainsberger, Vince Gibson, Doug Weaver, Bus Mertes, Bill Meek, Ralph Graham, Sam Francis, Lud Fiser, Ward Haylett, Hobbs Adams, Wes Fry and Lynn Waldorf.

If Collin Klein duplicates his numbers of last year, here's where his career numbers will stack up.

• With 1,141 rushing yards he will have 2,706 for a career, which will rank him only behind Darren Sproles (4,979), Daniel Thomas (2,850) and Ell Roberson (2,818). Klein enters the season ranked No. 13 with 1,565 yards.

• With five rushing games of at least 100 yards, it will run his career total to 10, which will pass Ell Roberson's all-time record of eight for a quarterback.

• With 317 rushing attempts, his career total will reach 711, which will rank only behind Darren Sproles' 815 all-time carries.

• With 27 rushing touchdowns, his career number will zoom to 60, breaking Darren Sproles' career record of 45. Klein currently has 36 rushing scores, third only to Sproles with 45 and Ell Roberson with 40.

• With 281 passing attempts, his career total will reach 581, which will rank eighth.

• With 1,918 passing yards, Klein's total will reach 4,001, which will rank ninth.

• With 13 passing touchdowns, Klein will have 27, which will rank seventh.

• With 3,059 rushing-passing yards, his career total offense figure will reach 6,707 yards, which will rank third high only behind Josh Freeman's 8,421 yards and Ell Roberson's 7,917 yards.


Matching his 2011 numbers of 17 field goals in 23 attempts, Anthony Cantele's all-time totals will reach 35-of-48. The 35 field goals would rank sixth in K-State history. Matching his total of 2,733 punting yards, Ryan Doerr's career yardage will hit 9,386, which will rank third only to Don Birdsey's 11,422 and Scott Fulhage's 10,284.


There are three brother combinations on the K-State roster – Collin and Kyle Klein of Loveland, Colo., Sr, QB and Fr, WR; Jared and Evan Loomis of Macksville, Kan., Sr, LB and Jr, WR; and, Anthony and Jack Cantele of Wichita, Kan., Sr, PK and Fr, PK


K-State owns a 2-3 all-time mark against Texas Christian University. The first of those came in 1922 when the Wildcats whipped the Frogs, 45-0, at Memorial Stadium. The most recent game came in 1986 with TCU winning on its home field, 35-22.

With West Virginia, K-State is 1-1. The loss came in 1930, 23-7, and the win in 1931, 19-0. Both were road games for K-State.


K-State's current coaching staff has a collective 278 years of experience and has been to a combined 121 bowl games.

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