Coach Snyder - Press Conference

MANHATTAN, Kan. - The tales of his sacrifice are plentiful, and from what I can gather, mostly true. It has been said that Coach Bill Snyder went to a hypnotist to try to eliminate his need for sleep. He eats one meal a day, I am not even going to bring up Taco Bell, and that meal is usually at midnight or later, much to his doctor's consternation.

I have seen his car at the football complex at 6:00am and at 12am in the same 24-hour period. He wears that Cotton Bowl jacket when it is 99 degrees out to show the players how to be tough-minded and set aside discomfort.

If you ask yourself the question, "Who is Bill Snyder doing this for?" The answer isn't easy, but it is there. But to find the answer to the question, you just have to ask the right question. Just for clarification, the right question is not "At this point, do you feel Collin Klein is deserving of the Heisman? The right question might be more along the lines of how do you explain this love affair between the players and the fans?

Watch the following video for Coaches answer.

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