Ertz's Knee Injury Sidelines Him for Playoffs

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Kansas State committed player, Jesse Ertz, had a fantastic season at Mediapolis (Ia.) High School, but didn't get the dream ending he wanted. Due to a knee injury suffered in a previous playoff game, Ertz had to sit out of the Iowa Class 2A championship game and saw his school fall short by two points.

"In the quarterfinals I was looking to make a play," said Jesse Ertz. "I tucked the ball and ran out in the open then cut left. It didn't feel bad. It was a weird feeling, but I though it was a sprain. I left the game and taped it up real good and finished the quarter.

"The next game was the semifinals. I knew I wasn't one hundred-percent, but wanted to go out and do my best. The third time I got tackled it kind of gave out. I went back in and threw but had no mobility."

After that game an MRI found Ertz suffered a torn ACL and would require season-ending surgery.

"It was tough not to be able to play," he said. "I have talked to Coach Miller and Coach Snyder [at Kansas State] and it didn't seem to bother them. They said to get the surgery done and get rolling. I had surgery last Wednesday and started rehab yesterday. It's going to take six months to be cleared athletically and that's when I was going to K-State, but I won't be able to play basketball and probably miss track as well."

Before going out with injury, Ertz led the Bulldogs to 13 wins and threw for more than 2600 passing yards with 1000 yards rushing.

"I felt like I did a better job of managing the game this season," Ertz explained. "I didn't have too many negative plays. When the play wasn't going ideally like it should, I'd tuck it and pick up five yards or look for shorter routes. I tried to keep us at a manageable distance to keep picking up first downs."

While Ertz was planning on being in Manhattan for the Texas game this weekend, he said he will wait due to the injury and take his official visit to the university in January.

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