Snyder on KSU Spring Game

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder breaks down the performance of his team and answers questions following the annual spring game.

On how representative the game was…
“Representative, I do not think we were the kind of football team that I wanted us to be today. There were some good things, there was some bad things. The white team at some spots collectively played better than the purple team. I think we struggled on offense. The white team offensively put up some first downs.  We could not get any three-and-outs for the purple defense. They struggled a little bit on the big play. The offense just killed itself with penalties and took them out of field position and scoring range on more than one occasion. I think part of that is I have not been with them to work with them as much as I would like to.  ”

On the play of the defenses…
“The easy thing to say is that they are running the same play every day and defensively you line up against the same thing over and over. Pretty soon you get acclimated to it. In everything you get used to how the offense lines up and how the linemen move their eyes and how they go in to their stances. It is the familiarization with the opponent’s offense and during the season you do not get that. You get three or four days to get to look at it with different people playing it. Virtually every program is in the same situation that the offense is ahead of the defense and the defense catches up. That has not always been the case for us, but I think that is not the whole issue. Part of it is that we are not as productive on offense and like I said a minute ago, the offense has not been disciplined during the course of the spring. Penalties are the biggest thing. We have had some turnover issues and we turned over the ball today again when we had an opportunity to go in and score.”  

On Jake Waters
“Well I think he is attempting to do what he needs to do. I think he still has a ways to go. He did some good things today and he did some things that I would have expected him not doing that were not so good, so it was kind of a mixed bag.”

On the running backs…
“Well right now it is kind of an even bag. (Charles) Jones had maybe a better day, but that is not defining the position right now. They all have good abilities and the most important thing for all of them, like what I was saying earlier, is having a handle on the offense. They are all young and they were all on the scout squad last year. They are making progress though the course of spring practice, but there are a lot of things about the position they do not know yet.”

On Daniel Sams
“Well like I told the players, that it is not just Daniel, it is all of them. Like I said at the start of the game going in to today this is practice day number 15. Everyone has an opportunity to move up or down on the depth chart on a daily bases. I said at halftime, and I meant it, that I was pleased with the way that quite a few guys were playing on the white unit and based on what I saw with not seeing the tape some of the guys stood a decent chance of moving up.”

On Kaiden Schroeder`s touchdown…
“Well he is a young guy. First and foremost it is a result of young people in our program who really reach out to others. There is so much community service that goes unnoticed in our program. I value them and they volunteer to go do things and they do amazing things with it. It is good for them and they love doing it. There are a lot of young people that they bring in to our program. This particular one happens to be going though some hard times. It was fun for him and enjoyable for all of our players at the same time. You love seeing things like that, you really do.”

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