Ready to make the jump? Part II

Logan Robinson Ready to make the jump? Part II by: Staff

When trying to get a read on what type of player Logan was coming out of High School, Coach Burk repeatedly mentioned what a great young man Logan was and how quickly he picked up things. As for style of play- we were told Logan was a "blue collar worker with just a really strong work ethic".

Evidence of his strong work ethic can be found with a quick once over of his improved physical build and his numbers in the gym "Well I know he made the PowerCat poster and right when he went down there he was at about 300 lbs. on his bench and I know he can power clean 310 lbs. or so and he was right at 535-550 lbs. on a regular back squat."

But this is not just your average football player "Logan is a smart guy; I think he had a 27 or 28 on his ACT. Stanford was one of the schools that was recruiting him really hard. There were a lot of schools that were recruiting him. He is just a really sharp and he is big enough and has the tools and just needs some time to develop and he is going to be something. Mentally he is going to be able to do it up there." What stands out about Logan at this time in his development is his ability to read defenses. Center is that position on the line where you play your best and brightest- as they make all your line's reads. As for the next level "oh yea. he is going to do really well for Coach Snyder because he has played center and he can make his reads really well. He picks up quickly what the D is trying to do and this will really help him even at tackle or guard……mentally he is going to get it all really quickly" stated Coach Burk.

As for whether or not Logan would be ready to play right away" I would say he will probably red shirt this year and be ready to go next year. He probably needs a year physically to catch-up and I think he knows that it will be an adjustment. Coming from eight vs. eight (man football) to eleven versus eleven is going to take a bit of time. He will probably need a year to make that adjustment and get used to the passing schemes but once he gets that down he is going to be a player. Plus he is playing both positions and learning as he goes."

Any way you look at this, Logan Robinson seems to fit the mold of Offensive linemen like Nick Leckey that Coach Snyder covets- Big, strong, great feet and smart. Nick came to Manhattan from a small town in Texas, not overly touted and played center also as a linemen coming out of high school- he did not do too bad as a Wildcat. Right now in his development, a red shirt seems to be in the works for Logan as he adjusts to college football and the physical play that highlights Big 12 play. He will probably need a year minimum in the weight room and the trainer's table to gain the strength we will need to be effective in such a physical conference. By more importantly, even the brightest of players will need a year or two to adjust to the speed of the game and the more complex passing schemes and blitz pickup schemes. Past that however, I agree with Coach Burk- get him in the system and used to how things are done at KSU and he is going to be a player before it is all said and done.

A special Thanks goes out to Coach Burk for spending some time with us, and sharing his thoughts, we will be checking back with him later in the season.

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