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Jermaine Moreira- Part I Did Snyder Steal the Best WR from Florida?

by Staff

When Kansas State coaches first saw Jermaine, his bio at the time read:" A transfer from Palm Beach Gardens High School. Played option quarterback last season. Will play wide receiver and cornerback this season at Dwyer. Very quick with good speed." At the end of his Senior year in High School, Jermaine put up 10 TD's and caught 48 passes for 783 yards and earned himself DI scholarships offers from just about every school in the SEC. This while playing WR, CB and Option QB for Palm Beach Garden High School in Florida.

When I think of famous Wildcat receivers, the very first images that pop in my mind are of Michael Smith or Kevin Lockett; smaller WR's by NFL comparisons with speed to burn that caught anything that came within arm's reach. Could there be another Kevin Lockett or Michael Smith clone in the making on campus? Well, only time will tell but at least one coach thinks Coach Snyder just stole the best WR in the state of Florida last year- and it was not even close.

We were fortunate enough to be able to speak with Jack Daniels, Jermaine's High School coach from Palm Beach Garden, Florida and get his thoughts on his star player. In talking with Coach Daniels, it is easy to see high how well coached -and not just as a football player- Jermaine Moreira was coming out of High School.

"Jermaine could do it all for us. Not many people know this is a kid that had 8 touchdowns by the fourth game of the season and got a severe high ankle sprain in that fourth game. If he would not have sprained his ankle last year, you talk about all the wide receivers in the state of Florida last year and he would have been ranked higher. He would have been ranked as the best wide receiver from the state." stated Daniels.

I thought that was very high praise given the wide outs that seemingly grow on trees in that state every year but Coach Daniels went on to say:" we ran camps last year and I have seen the kids that were rated ahead of Jermaine. I have seen all of those kids and he has run against the very best receivers from the state and he was the best receiver from the state of Florida last year and I am not exaggerating. And I am not just saying that because he was my player, people are going to see that before he leaves Kansas State. No kidding, he was the best in the state and everyone was after him" added Coach Daniels.

Remember that Jermaine only caught 10 Touchdown's total for the year and had 8 touchdowns notched by the fourth game of the season and you can see what a special player we have in Manhattan. How good is Moreira? Good enough to warrant a 4 star Ranking from TheInsiders as the 25th best Wide Receiver in the nation- injury/high ankle sprain and all.

With this in mind, we asked Coach Daniels how Coach Snyder was able to steal one of the sunshine state's best. "Well to be honest with you, he committed to Florida last summer. Miami was on him real hard and Georgia was on him really hard too. The last week of recruiting he took a visit to KSU and they were not happy about that. They did not want him to go up there. But Coach Miller recruited him hard and stayed on him and got him to take a visit. (Florida) did not want him to take a trip up there and got a little (mad) at him for taking it, but I encouraged him to take it. I encouraged him to see some other places and wanted him to go see KSU. This is a kid that has never been out of the state of Florida. When he got back he committed to Kansas State. He got up there and liked his visit. He really liked Coach Miller and he loved Coach Snyder. And this was not a done deal up until the very end. Florida and Georgia kept calling him. Miami even tried a bit. On Signing Day Georgia kept calling him and Jermaine told them no I am going to Kansas State."

As to where Jermaine fits in the on the 2003 squad: "Jermaine can play almost anywhere you put him on the field but he needs to have that ball in his hands. He can play secondary no problem and I would say he could play corner, if they needed him there. I would say he can play press corner for Kansas State, that is where he would play in the secondary but he just really needs that ball in his hands because he makes so many plays. He is a playmaker. He is just an incredible playmaker. (KSU) had a need at Wide Receiver and that is where he is going to play for them. He went up there to fight for a starting role. After seeing film on Jermaine, the coaches said they wanted him at WR."

Part II on Monday

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