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Experienced backup may hold slight edge over upstart freshman

Ell Roberson or Marc Dunn.

Jeff Schwinn or Dylan Meier.

No, it doesn't have the same kind of ring to it, but nonetheless, that question is rattling through the halls of the Vanier Football Complex this week.

Convention tells you Snyder would go with Schwinn, the seasoned backup from McLouth, Kan. He played sparingly last year as a third-string junior, but now may be forced into a starting role.

Schwinn struggled against Massachusetts, though. He was just 5-of-14 passing for 83 yards and no touchdowns. The only scoring drives he led were a one-yard plunge for a touchdown after a blocked punt, and a drive that resulted in a Joe Rheem 44-yard field goal.

At times he appeared nervous and rushed, despite K-State holding a five-touchdown lead. K-State went to the 2-minute offense attempting to get him in rhythm, but he continued to struggle.

"Jeff probably didn't handle himself as I know he's capable of," Coach Bill Snyder said. "He probably got a little anxious as much as anything. He's a good player and practices well, but this week he just tried to make plays and overthrew a couple passes, underthrew one. He probably didn't play as well as I know he's capable of."

Redshirt freshman Dylan Meier, however, did manage to move the K-State offense. While his only pass resulted in an interception, he scrambled four times for 46 yards and a touchdown.

"He's that kind of guy," Snyder said. "Personality-wise, I think he's unflappable. I don't think you could upset him, which is a great trait. He responds the right way."

Schwinn was also effective on the ground, carrying 8 times for 27 yards. However, even he wasn't pleased with his performance.

Snyder indicated both quarterbacks would get plenty of time in practice, splitting the duties to prepare for Saturday's game against Massachusetts. However, Schwinn appears to be the go-to guy.

"They'll get more snaps, so consequently, that should enhance their play," Snyder said. "I think in terms of experiences, Jeff is that guy that will start if Ell is unable to go. But Dylan has made some strides and we're pleased with the progress he's made."

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