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After an off day, K-State gets back to work

After taking Monday off, K-State got back to business on Tuesday, practicing full speed in an effort to correct the wrongs that cropped up against Marshall in the Wildcats' 27-20 loss on Sept. 20. Snyder gave the Cats the day off to clear their heads and regain focus for a Big 12 slate that begins with trips to Austin, Texas and Stillwater, Okla.

"I'd like to think it allowed it to get behind them," Snyder said of the day off. "When you're that young you rebound pretty quick. You're supposed to."

Rebounding quickly isn't likely to wash away the disappointment of K-State's first home, non-conference loss in 41 games, though. Even Snyder isn't naïve enough to believe that.

"It was painful for our guys," he said, "at least I hope it was. Their attitude seems predictable -- they're upset about it, angry, all those emotions that go along with that."

According to defensive end Andrew Shull, K-State is still looking forward to the rest of the season, but isn't about to compare the 2003 season to the 2001 season, in which K-State struggled to a 6-5 record and a loss in the Bowl.

"I don't think any guys were overlooking Marshall," he said. "They just did some things we weren't prepared for and they beat us. I don't think we took anything for granted."

The Wildcats won't take anything for granted in practice, either, as they seek to get back into a rhythm. Part of that is welcoming quarterback Ell Roberson back to practice, and Snyder indicated that the Heisman-hopeful going full-speed on Tuesday would bring an extra hop to everybody's step in practice.

"I would anticipate our players would be lifted up for that," Snyder said. "But nobody was panicked when Ell wasn't in there, either. But I think they recognize he's a very talented young guy and he has an impact on our offensive football team. Consequently, that has an impact on the defense."

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