Wildcats' Defense Mauled By Cowboys

It's one thing to lose, but another to play poorly and taste defeat.

Kansas State defensive coordinator Bob Elliott has been a part of both the last two weeks in losing games to Texas , 24-20, and to Oklahoma State , 38-34.

The Texas game, Elliott could live with. Outside of two 50-plus yard pass plays, plus a 30-yard scramble, the Wildcats gave up just 152 yards on the other 71 snaps in the game, or just a smidgen over two yards per play.

The Oklahoma State game, however, left Elliott in an ugly mood after giving up 377 yards -- 187 rushing and 190 passing.

"We just didn't play well," Elliott said. "The thing that was disappointing is that we got physically mauled. That hasn't happened around here for a while."

Elliott added, "It's one thing to get us on a play or two (like the Texas game), but it's another thing to get man-handled physically. That was the disappointing thing. They just came off and slugged us in the mouth and we didn't slug back."

It was a game where K-State gave up lengthy drives of 80 and 75 yards, plus sustained drives of nine, eight and seven plays.

A game in which when the offense made mistakes, the defense had no answer; a game in which when the special teams made mistakes, the defense had no corrections.

"Very disturbing," Elliott said of the overall play. "That's not the nature of this team. "Surprising and disappointing."

Elliott said that the coaching staff had sent strong verbal messages to the Wildcats since the final gun at Oklahoma State , and that an attention to detail would only intensify this week on the practice field.

"You have to have a mind set that you have to go be a physical football player," Elliott said. "At Texas , that was evident. Even in the Marshall game we were attacking. But at O-State, we were just getting ridden off the line of scrimmage. It wasn't that we were out of position, but we were pushed out of position. We didn't play as well as we can."

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