Terry finding a groove with Roberson

James Terry pauses to ponder the question, and then says, "That's not up to me, but I think I should be. I just have to keep going out to prove myself."

The question: Should you be considered among the best in a conference filled with premier receivers - Roy Williams of Texas , Rashaun Wood of Oklahoma State and Colorado's Derek McCoy or D.J. Hackett.

While the 6-foot-5, 190-pound senior doesn't have overall numbers to match the mentioned the all-star pass grabbers, when going head-to-head, Terry has certainly proven his worth.

· Colorado - Terry had eight catches for 84 yards and two touchdowns, to Hackett's seven receptions for 106 yards and one score , and McCoy's five for 52.

·O-State - Terry caught six balls for 119 yards and two scores, compared to Wood's six completions for 118 yards and no touchdowns.

· Texas - Terry caught three catches for 66 yards; Williams 22 yards on three catches.

Of those efforts, the Wildcat says, "I'm pretty happy with my play, but I know I can get better. I'm ready to excel more. I'm looking forward to making a bigger impact."

For the total season, Terry has caught 37 passes for an average of 4.62 per game, ranking 11th in the Big 12. His 91.8 yards per game ranks fifth in the league and his six touchdowns is tied for third.

Terry's average of 19.8 yards per catch ranks fifth in the NCAA, while his yards per game ranks 16th.

Those eight-game numbers to open a season rank Terry third high in yardage for any Wildcat receiver only behind Quincy Morgan (34-739 in 1999) and Michael Smith (41-739 in 1990).

It was just a year ago in a 13-game season that Terry, a transfer from Butler County Community College and native of Homestead , Fla. , finished with 28 catches for 561 yards and five touchdowns.

His single-game high came in the 2002 finale with five catches at the Holiday Bowl against Arizona State .

Of his improvement over last year, coach Bill Snyder uses the words "experience" and "focus."

"He's very capable when he's into what he's doing," Snyder said. "Not that he wasn't last year, but he was not as consistent with that as you would like him to be."

As for Terry's most recent success, offensive coordinator Del Miller said, "He and Ell (Roberson) are getting a chemistry between them. It's the small things with the quarterback and receiver getting small things accomplished, which were missing before."

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