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Offense the talk of the day for K-State

Darren Sproles can send the all-time all-purpose yardage record this week with a performance similar to last week's 300+ yard effort. The junior running back trails Aaron Lockett by 377 yards due largely to his punt and kick returning prowess. He brought a punt back 63 yards against Kansas and rattled off two kick returns each over 50 yards last weekend against Baylor.

"What you find at the high school level is those young guys who have the capabilities are the very fine athletes that play other positions," Coach Bill Snyder said of recruiting return men like Sproles. "You just don't see punt returns as prolific at the high school level and I don't know exactly why that's the case.

"It really sends a message about versatility and what he's capable of doing," Snyder continued, adding that he does sometimes wonder if he's overusing his 5-foot-7 back. "He's a very fine athlete — you have to use him in as many ways as you can. Yes, you think about (overworking him). Then you watch him and you forget thinking about it and move on."

Sproles won't have to worry about sharing the offensive load with anybody but Ell Roberson, however. Snyder indicated 100 percent of the offense has and will continue to revolve around the backfield duo.

"They're the only two that touch the ball," Snyder said. "They get their hands on it 100 percent of the snaps. I don't know that we can do any more in terms of opportunities. If you give it more times to Darren it's less to Ell, and vice versa. They are a very good tandem and they're in 100 percent of all we do."

That's not to say, however, that offensive tackle John Doty isn't an integral part of the offense. However, don't expect to see many more tackle-eligible plays in the Wildcats' playbook.

"We've only thrown it twice and we've been absolutely unsuccessful inboth attempts," Snyder said. "We dropped the other one — Thomas Barnett in Columbia, Mo.

"(Referees) always ask if we have plays like that, and I said we don't have any that work."

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