Roberson's play best as a Wildcat

Ell Roberson calls his play of late, "I'm playing pretty decent right now, but I
"I have a lot of guys pulling around me making me better than I really am, but I'm not complaining," Roberson said.

Winners of four games in a row heading into Saturday's 2:36 p.m. start at the University of Nebraska, quarterback coach Del Miller believes it's the best that Roberson has ever played in a Kansas State uniform.

"To this point, yes, but I still think he can be better," Miller said. "But in the last game (Iowa State), he was 10-of-12 with one drop. Throw in two touchdowns and his running game, and that
Here's look at Roberson's numbers in his last four outings:

Iowa State: 10-of-12 passing, 96 yards, 2 touchdowns; 66 rushing yards.

Baylor: 14-of-24, 242 yards, 3 touchdowns; 79 rushing yards, 1 touchdown.

Kansas: 10-of-19 for 138 yards, 1 touchdown; 103 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns.

Colorado: 20-of-28 for 242 yards, 242 yards, 3 touchdowns; 49 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns.

That's completing 65 percent of his passes with eight passing touchdowns, another five via the rush, and most importantly, zero interceptions in 16 quarters of football.

"He's been playing with confidence and poise," said KSU coach Bill Snyder. "Better than the later stages of last year? I'm not certain."

But Snyder does say, "His completion percentage has gone up, but throwing it well is one thing and making the right decision is another, and he's doing both relatively consistently."

Roberson says the high-percentage numbers come from "... everyone being on the same page and being consistent with what they do. It takes only one guy to destroy a play and we just have more guys taking a responsibility for their actions on the field."

What Roberson would like most this weekend is putting a fancy win on his resume.

Roberson will correct such a notion by saying, "Not for my resume, but for the team. This is game (NU) that will tell it all.
For all Roberson has done - all-time K-State leader in total offense (6,734 yards, No. 1 in touchdowns (36) and No. 2 career rushing leader (2,539 yards) - winning the big, big game has eluded him as he is just 2-5 in his three years as a starting quarterback against ranked teams.

This year, K-State lost to No. 13 Texas; in 2002, the Wildcats defeated No. 21 Iowa State and No. 11 USC, but lost to No. 8 Texas; in 2001, the 'Cats fell to No. 18 Syracuse, No. 2 Nebraska and No. 3 Oklahoma.

If there's one difference between Roberson's list of achievements as compared to former Wildcat quarterback Michael Bishop, it's in games against ranked teams where Bishop was 5-2 against Top 25 teams in 1997 and 1998.

Still, Snyder isn't about to say that makes Roberson any lesser of a quarterback and/or leader.

"When Ell is on the field, everybody around him has a feeling of just give him a chance and he'll make some plays happen," Snyder said. "At the same time, he's gotten himself in trouble feeling like he did have to make all the plays.

"Now, he understands how to play within himself and there's an understanding that there are some other people around him who can make plays," Snyder said. "His leadership is exhibited from the faces of our players who feel so much more comfortable when he
Turning his talk toward Bishop, Snyder offered a soft chuckle as he said, "Michael never probably really got to the point where he didn't think he had to make every play in the ball game. Ell is a competitor .. a tough competitor, but he doesn
"Michael Bishop was a competitive, competitive young guy and played the game to win every snap, but Ell

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