Staff Predictions ---KSU v NU

A new feature here at KSF.c- where the staff goes on record in making their predicitons and explanations as to why. With a Huge game in Lincoln looming, The KSF.c staff doll out their scores, thoughts and pre-game predictions.

Sean Kelly

Cats 31 Huskers 20

Despite all the variables that would warrant a Husker victory- The Cats will win this game in Lincoln and break the streak. To date the Huskers have proven unable to handle a mobile QB, the Mizzou/Texas games lend further evidence of this. More importantly, the Huskers have yet to face a combination as lethal as Ell and Darren. Darren will continue to rip defenses apart at the seams and will have a couple HUGE carries this weekend to help control the clock.

On defense, the Cats have more then enough firepower to stymie a one dimensional running game and the depth to rotate players in along the D-line. The Huskers rank almost dead last in passing in D1 football and Lord is simply unable to beat anyone with his arm. Cats win a mildly close game in Lincoln- Aggieville will be hopping.

Joshua Kinder

K-State wins, but narrowly against the Huskers. On the Wildcats' running game, K-State wins for the first time in Lincoln since 1968 by the score of 24-17. Considering Nebraska has absolutely no passing game, K-State will be able to load the box with eight defenders on nearly every play to stop the run. If K-State can do that and force the Huskers to throw the ball, the Wildcats will be just fine. However, Nebraska's defense is their strongest asset. They have great team speed and pursue the ball well. Turnovers will be important for K-State's offense to get into a rhythm. The Wildcats can't afford to put the ball on the ground and be careless throwing it, as they were that last time they were there. But more importantly K-State's offense can't be predictable. The offense has to be able to mix it up, and not rely on the pass on just third and longs. Quarterback Ell Roberson's streak of four straight games without an interception continues.

Mark Janssen

Kansas State 27, Nebraska 17

Ell Roberson has yet to put a 'signature' game on his resume ... this will be it. Kansas State is too balanced for the Blackshirts to stop; Nebraska is too one-diminsional making life easier for the Lynch Mob. Barring a rash of turnovers, the Wildcats will win with semi-ease.

Brad Essex

ok here is my pick it going to be 35-0 ksu

why because of many things one ksu offense will have 3 games of tweeking their offense to hadle the blackshirt and defense have moved around a couple of players and it resulted in three shutouts in a row and nebraska have no passing game if they count on the running game then they will be stopped

Ben Stamey

Wildcats win 31-24

Both teams want to run the ball but it will be KSU's run/pass balance that will be the difference in the game. Ell will be the MVP of the game. He is the first senior QB in Snyder history to play at Lincoln for a second time and if he can avoid turning the ball over, the Cats might win by even more. Third down conversions will be important for the Cats. Expect a few big plays especially on special teams. The Wildcat defense hasn't allowed a touchdonw since the Colorado game and is going to be ready to shut down the NU running attack. If the Huskers are forced into 2nd-and-long and 3rd-and-long situations they'll have to pass and it's been quite a long time since a NU team has been good at passing. Expect a big party in Aggieville Saturday night!

Dave Skretta

Kansas State 27 Nebraska 16

Nebraka's offense is simply too one-dimensional to score enough points to beat Kansas State, although the game will be a classic example of strength against strength. Nebraska's top-ranked rushing offense in the Big 12 will be butting heads with Kansas State's No.2-ranked rushing defense, while Kansas State's third-ranked rushing offense will go against Nebraska's fourth-ranked rushing defense.

So the difference will lie in the ability of either team to keep the other off balance. The Wildcats, while only averaging less than 200 yards through the air per game, should be able to do that more effectively than Nebraska, which averages just over 90 yards through the air. That will be the difference

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