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Just because they can, doesn't mean they will. Relax, that is...

K-State Coach Bill Snyder made it perfectly clear after the Wildcats beat Missouri 24-14 to claim its first Big 12 North title since 2000. What was it? That he was going to begin preparation for the Sooners immediately. Snyder said game film sessions would begin as early as late last Saturday night.

That appears to be the case for the entire Wildcat team, including defensive coordinator Bobby Elliot. Elliot, who will go against former colleagues and friends when Kansas State plays Oklahoma in the Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship game, made a brief appearance prior to Tuesday's media conference. Popping his head into the Big 8 room of the Vanier Football Complex, he greeted various media and players, before saying, "Back to Cell Block E," otherwise known as his office -- where he too was breaking down game film.

Despite the attention being paid to the Sooners, Snyder and the coaching staff also made it clear the players would have an opportunity to take it easy for a couple of days over Thanksgiving break.

Kansas State practiced Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning before parting for the holiday break. Classes broke for Thanksgiving on Tuesday as well, sending most players home until Sunday, when the team is to report back to Manhattan. Practices will resume Sunday afternoon, Snyder said, and begin a regular game-week procedure. Snyder also noted that players unable to make it home for the break would be "taken care of" by the staff and players who live near Manhattan.

To think that the entire Wildcat staff will take a four or five day break is probably inaccurate, though. Even offensive coordinator Greg Peterson said there will a lot of talk of the Sooners in his household over a turkey dinner, and modestly confided there may be a few extra film study sessions in his home over the break.

Josh Buhl, however, said he's looking forward to getting away from football. Kansas State's senior linebacker said it would be a relaxing time at his household over the holiday, which would include watching Big 12 games Thursday and Friday. But, he admitted, Oklahoma will manage to creep into his mind somehow.

Apparently, for everybody, next Saturday can't come soon enough.

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