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Tim Weiser doesn't have a degree in marketing, but that's exactly what he's been doing this week just in case Kansas State does not defeat Oklahoma for the Big 12 title.

''We've had many conversations with the Cotton Bowl and the Alamo Bowl, and with the television partners those bowls have,'' said Weiser. ''We are absolutely making sure that the Cotton Bowl and Alamo Bowl know that we have an extreme interest in participating in their bowls.''

If K-State does defeat Oklahoma in Saturday's 7 p.m. start in Kansas City, it would likely be in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 2.

If K-State does not win, the Cotton and Alamo remain the most lucrative options, but there is not a guarantee since the Wildcats are not BCS-eligible by two counts:

• The Wildcats, currently No. 15, would not end up in the top 12 of the final BCS poll.

• The 10-3 Wildcats would have only eight victories that the BCS considers — the preseason win over California does not count, and only one Division I-AA victory is considered.

Because of that, Weiser said, ''We are still doing our best with the Big 12's first-tier bowl games to express our interest.''

Those bowls are the Cotton in Dallas on Jan. 2, the Holiday in San Diego on Dec. 30, and the Alamo in San Antonio on Dec. 29.

While each bowl offers a different pay out, Weiser says, ''With the Big 12 revenue sharing policy, each school playing in those bowls gets a $925,000 guarantee.''

Since K-State attended the Holiday Bowl last year, that destination has not been a focal point in Weiser's talks.

It's all but certain that the Cotton Bowl will select Oklahoma State, with Ole Miss being a likely opponent. The Holiday Bowl is rumored to have Nebraska at the top of its list.

That leaves the Alamo Bowl as the probable destination, BUT ...

Should Georgia defeat LSU in the Southeastern title game, the BCS bowls could go with No. 5 Ohio State and LSU, currently No. 3, as the two at-large entries. That would leave No. 6 Texas out of the mix.

If that would happen, the Alamo officials have made it clear during the past month that they would love to have the Longhorns to play possibly Michigan State or Minnesota.

If that's the case, Kansas State could fall to the second-tier of bowls, which starts with the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La., on Dec. 31. The opponent would be an entry from the SEC, possibly Arkansas.

The official bowl announcements will not be made until Sunday afternoon.

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