Romunn Grigsby To Visit Kansas State This Weekend

K-State offensive coodinator Greg Peterson was in Grigsby's living room last Sunday, not even 24 hours after the Wildcats claimed the Big 12 Championship.

Kansas State offensive coordinator Greg Peterson wants Romunn Grigsby to make him a better football coach. And as of late, it appears whichever school or coach wins the battle for the Ohio wide-out would truly be a better football team.

It didn't take long for Peterson to contact Grigsby following the Wildcats' victorious tilt against Oklahoma last weekend. In fact, it didn't even take 24 hours before Peterson was in the 6-foot-4 185 pound receiver's living room selling the benefits of K-State, the Big 12 Champions.

"Coach Peterson said he wants me to play right away if I go to Kansas State," Grigsby said. "I don't really care when I play. I just want to do whatever I can to help any school I go to.

"He told me he wants to make me a better receiver and him a better coach."

The Wildcats will get their chance to wine-and-dine Grigsby this weekend when he's in Manhattan for his official visit. He's just one of many hot recruits visiting K-State this week.

"I just want to get a feel of the coaching staff, the players, and see the campus," he said. "I have to make sure it would be a place where I can fit into well. I've created a real bond with Peterson so I'm real excited to meet the other coaches."

Grigsby, who visited Pittsburgh last week and still has a visit to Wisconsin next week, finished his season with 67 receptions for 1,244 yards and 13 touchdowns. Running crisp routes and making yards after the catch is what Grigsby said he does best.

"I can run routes better than anything, but I don't just run the route," he said. "I run the routes fast and get yards after the catch. I have the size and the speed."

Don't expect a decision from Grigsby until at least after his visit with the Badgers. Sometime following his semester break Grigsby said he'll announce his intentions. 

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