Grixby Is Playing The Waiting Game

While Nebraska continues to drag its feet on a new hire, the No. 2 cornerback continues to wait. Grixby has his final four, but doesn't plan to announce until later this month.

The clock is ticking for the Nebraska Cornhuskers to make a decision on a new coach. Meanwhile, recruits continue to wait on such an announcement as signing day nears.

With signing day just a little over a month away, Cortney Grixby is still unsure of where he'll be next season. The five-star and No. 2-ranked cornerback continues to list his favorites as Kansas State, Nebraska, Iowa, Notre Dame, and UCLA in no particular order.

"I'm just keeping my options open right now," he said. "I've taken my visits and just sitting back to see what happens. I don't want to rule anything out yet. I just want to find the right fit for me and somewhere I'd be happy at."

And one thing that the 5-foot-9 165 pound Grixby is waiting on is the decision of Nebraska Athletic Department on the new coach, like many Husker prospects, especially in-state talents like Grixby.

"I'm leaving things open with them right now because I have a good relationship with (Bo) Pelini," he said. "I visited there before all this went down and still like Nebraska a lot, but they aren't saying anything about a new coach. I'm not dropping them yet, but if they bring in another coach I don't have a relationship with I won't go there."

Grixby, who runs a 4.35 40 meters, clearly one his greatest assets, said this delay the hiring is really going to hurt recruiting this season for the Huskers.

"They're going to lose recruits," he said. "I know they are already some commits that are changing their minds and that's going to happen more the longer they take to do this. It's just taking so long for them and the deadline is coming."

But Grixby has visited K-State since we last spoke with him. The trip to K-State, in which he took on the same weekend as wavering NU commit and quarterback Allan Evridge visited, went well. There were no surprises for Grixby.

"I knew K-State was a great program and (Bill) Snyder has built up a little tradition down there," said Grixby, who plans to announce his intentions mid January. "They have great athletes there and they're stable."

It's because of that stability that Grixby said he always knew K-State would defeat Oklahoma if they met in the Big 12 title game.

"I knew they would do it if they made it there," he said. "If not for Ell (Roberson) getting hurt they'd be playing in the National Championship. There's no doubt about that. They have a great team and I just knew they were better than Oklahoma."

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