PART II - Patton On KU, His "Confidence"

Nick Patton discusses his often talked about personality on and off the field and why he isn't going to the University of Kansas.

A lot has been written about Kansas State recent commit and quarterback Nick Patton's feel for the game and "confidence" on and off the field, but the Winfield (Kan.) native said without the confidence, failure is certain.

"I am very passionate about football," he said Wednesday night. "You have to be confident, step up to the challenge, be a man and know you can get it done. Life is going to deal you a lot of cards and you have to be able to stand up and face them with confidence."

Down the final stretch Patton, ranked No. 16 nationally, had the University of Kansas and Missouri also in his final three. But Patton said he decided KU wasn't the right place for him because it's not a football school.

"K-State is 10 times better than KU," he said. "It's a basketball school and I want to go somewhere where they are passionate about football. They're going to better, but I don't think they're going to be nearly as good as K-State."

And like recent commitment McCollins Umeh said, Patton intends for this K-State recruiting class to be the one to put the Wildcats over the top.

"It can happen," he said. "They're getting better and better. This year, winning the Big 12 and playing in a BCS game, they're on their way and this class is going to be good. There are a lot of good players coming in, great lineman and big time defensive players. Give it two or three years and we'll be there."


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