Things Are Picking Up For Hall

After a slow start for GCCC running back Andre Hall, things are starting to pick up. Hall, one of the top back in the NJCAA this past season, has two more visits scheduled.

Things are starting to come together for Andre Hall. With just one visit over a month ago, things became little stagnant for the Garden City Community College running back. Some of the delay in scheduling of visits came from a little uncertainty in Hall's graduation date from GCCC.

"I think some of it was because I wasn't sure yet what I'd be doing as far as graduating from Garden City," he said. "But now I know what's going on. I am almost done here and will be out in May. Some of my credits didn't transfer from Georgia Military. But now I only need four more credits and I'm good."

But now Hall, one of the top backs in the NJCAA this past season, has two more visits set up. This weekend he'll visit Texas A&M and then on to Troy State on the 30th of the month. The offers have been on the table from South Florida, Troy State, and Kansas, but he also lists Nebraska, Alabama, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State as possibilities, despite no offers from them.

"I don't want to rule anything out yet," he said. "I'm going on these visits and see what happens from there. I like all the schools, but just to make sure I talk to everyone before I make my decision."

Early on K-State was a clear-cut favorite for Hall, who averaged 149 yards a game this season, but with Darren Sproles coming back, it's looking more and more like Hall won't be a Wildcat. Nebraska is a favorite as well, but Hall hasn't been in contact with the new coaching staff yet. His interest in Oklahoma State is a recent addition and likes them because they're a program on the rise in a short amount of time.

"They run the ball a lot down there and know how to win," Hall said of Oklahoma State. "They're a top 25 program now and get some good TV time too. I like them a lot but haven't been offered."

All of his Big 12 interests have solid running backs, but not like K-State, which has one of next season's preseason Heisman Trophy candidates in Sproles.

"I just don't want to fight with Sproles for playing time," he said. "That guy is one of the best in the country. I'm not afraid of battling for a position, but the other schools offer more of a chance for me. I want to go where I can get in right away and contribute."

And while his only visit was to South Florida, he isn't completely sold on them yet.

"I enjoyed my trip there and it was nice because I know a lot of guys down there," he said. "They have a good coaching staff and seem like they're building something special. But I want to take visits with other schools before I make a decision. I want to see everything that's out there first."

As for Troy State, which seems like an odd-ball of the group of more recognized football programs, Hall just likes them because they like him.

 "I'm just glad they're showing interest in me," he said. "If they want me, then I'll consider them."

Expect Hall's decision to go down to the wire. He plans to have more visits scheduled within the week.

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