PART II - Are They Still A Package Deal?

In the second part of this series, Robert Jordan talks about his "lean" towards California and just how much he knows about Kansas State. With his brother a Wildcat for the last two seasons, Jordan may know a little more about K-State than the coaches would like him to.

As first reported in part one of this two-part series, the "pact" between Hayward High (Calf.) teammates Phillip Mbakogu and Robert Jordan might be slipping as signing day nears.

But with Kansas State coach Bill Snyder making in-home visits with both recruits earlier this week, one thing is certain: Jordan, a two-star receiver and brother of Wildcat Randy Jordan, is a California lean. Other than that, nothing else is certain when it comes to these two talents. Mbakogu isn't sure where he's going and he isn't saying much about "leans" either. Both are considering K-State, Oregon, and Cal.

But Jordan did give a little insight Monday into his reasoning behind naming Cal his favorite and not the Wildcats.

"I just feel real comfortable there," said Jordan, who plans to announce Jan. 29, his birthday. "My two cousins already committed there and I have some friends there too. I like their coaching staff. It would be a chance to play for an offensive-minded coach and I can play early there."

And with his brother enjoying both ups and downs as a Wildcat, Jordan said he may know more about K-State than the coaches think.

"I know so much about Kansas State," he said. "You have no idea how much I know about K-State, the good and also the bad. I know more than they are telling me, that's for sure."

Though Jordan wouldn't go into details of what he knows, he did offer up some praise and shed some light on how their meeting went Monday.

"Coach Snyder has a great program," he said. "He wins games. It's that simple. He told me that if I went further from home it would give a better chance of growing up and learning more about myself, something he said I might not get staying so close to home."

But it's staying close to home that really has Jordan's eyes looking in the direction of Cal.

"I like that their close and my family can see me play a lot easier," he said. "Cal has great facilities and I'm starting to get to people there too."

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