Isaiah Cook De-commits From KSU

Two-star linebacker Isaiah Cook pulls his verbal from Kansas State. However, the California native has not committed anywhere else, yet.

Only two things are certain for Claremont High (Calf.) linebacker Isaiah Cook. First of all, the two-star linebacker has de-committed from Kansas State. The second, Cook has not committed anywhere else yet.

KStateFans caught up with Cook's head coach, Mike Collins, Friday afternoon. Collins said that after Cook started to waiver, just one day after giving his verbal to K-State, he pulled Cook into his office to call K-State's Matt Miller. 

"It was only fair that he tell K-State as soon as possible that he was going to de-commit," he said. "They need to be able to pursue other linebackers if Isaiah isn't going there."

But what the Portland Tribune's story this morning failed to report accurately, is that Cook has not committed to Oregon State. As of now, he is simply available and not committed anywhere.

"He's having a hard time deciding what to do," Collins said. "He loves both schools a lot, but just doesn't know what do to. I've told him to have a decision by the end of the weekend. His visits are finished. He needs to know by then, so everyone can move on."

But not only is K-State the school of choice for Cook's parents, but Collins wants Cook to be a Wildcat as well.

"I want him to go to Kansas State," he said. "But I've been in this business far too long to influence my players. He does not where I want him to go though. I like K-State's structure, discipline, and defense. It's similar to our defense. It's tailor-made for Isaiah. He would be great there."

However, Collins said he thinks Cook, who had 92 tackles, seven sacks, and four interceptions last season, is leaning towards OSU, but not for any specific reasons.

"I've talked with him about it all and asked him if he likes Oregon State's coaches better, and he said no," he said. "I asked if he liked the players at any school more than the other, and he said no. I just think he feels like he should be at Oregon State, but he isn't saying why. It's hard getting into the head of a teenager."

Cook, who played safety all season and not linebacker, is just the player that Collins thinks can fit right into K-State and become the next great one to go to the next level.

"He has great speed, puts it all together," he said. "And he hits like a train. He really knocks the crap out of people. It's almost scary to see it in person. It's not like he's a fly-by, because he doesn't miss tackles."

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