Kansas State Recruiting Class Breakdown

Kansas State put together the number seven ranked class in the Big 12 Conference, but by all means was another class that will help Kansas State compete for Big 12 Championships. TheInsiders.com's Josh Clark takes a closer look in examining the Class of 2004.

Cat Class Broken Down

Biggest Headliner
I don't honestly know if there is a true headliner in this class, but I'm going to give it to Nick Patton. This kid deserves it in looking at his life story, and I have not met anyone in the past five years that could put a smile on my face as easily as Nick Patton. He oozes charisma, and he has that special running ability only seen in a few quarterbacks. Nick still will have to be developed as a passer and field general, but this kid as has high of a ceiling as there comes. In fact, I hate making statements like this in avoiding putting pressure on a kid, but Nick could become the best quarterback to ever play at Kansas State. Coach Bill Synder is one of the best in developing quarterbacks, and he has never had an athlete like Nick that stands at 6'4. If he does not develop at quarterback, Patton would be an excellent wide receiver.

Biggest Sleeper
Parrish Fisher may not be viewed as a sleeper by Kansas State fans, but this is a kid that some forgot to mention as one of the top five running backs in Texas. In my opinion, he is the second best running back prospect in Texas behind Adrian Peterson. Looking back above at Nick Patton, there is no reason not to believe these two could form the next Roberson/Sproles tandem, if not better. I also want to give a shout out to both Jordan Bedore and Brett Alstatt as each were late bloomers. These kids are still not done growing, and are the physical type of kids that excel on the Kansas State defense. I expect both to play on the defensive line.

Biggest Fish Missed
Defensive lineman are always hard to come by, and McCollins Umeh's change of mind to attend Arizona stung. Umeh is one of the top three defensive ends in Texas, and could have made a contribution as early as next fall. I also believe Kansas State should have gone forth in offering projected defensive lineman Mike Rivera, whom I rank higher than both Bedore and Alstatt.

Most Likely to Make Biggest Impact in 2004
This without question has to go out to the group of stellar defensive backs signed in Maurice Porter, Bret Jones, and Surrell Davis. In fact, the signing of Porter really dealt a blow to Kansas, whom had hoped they would land him by signing teammate Jason Swanson. I believe Porter will come in and nail down a starting spot right away, and in fact, I believe he is a better prospect than Cedric Williams and Corey Reddick signed of a year ago.

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