A top Texas prospect has his top five

Malcolm Kelly, one of the most prized receivers out of Texas, has several Big 12 programs on his list of five, all of which he plans to visit in the fall.

Some think it's a foregone conclusion that he's Texas bound, but if you ask Malcolm Kelly, that's not the case—at least not just yet.

Kelly, a 6-foot-2 190 receiver from Longview High, Texas, has his top five already and plans to make visit to all five in the fall.

Including the Longhorns, Kelly, who was timed with a 4.43 40-yards two weeks ago, said he likes LSU, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Southern California. All have offered, as well as Nebraska, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and Houston.

Kelly just returned from Junior Day at LSU.

When asked about having the two co-national champs in his top five, he said, "It's hard not to want to go to those schools. They're both great programs," he added. "I want to see who they have coming back, but I'm not really worried about that stuff just yet. I know I'm not just going to walk in and start taking jobs, but I think I could play somewhat early wherever I do go."

A deep threat, Kelly, who had 26 receptions for 826 yards as a junior, said, "If I get 20 yards, there's no catching up. It's almost a touchdown every time, as least this year."

Kelly, who hasn't heard from Kansas State, said the Nebraska situation is intriguing because of the switch from the traditional rushing attack to the west coast offense next season.

"I got a package from them and all the assistant coaches wrote me personal hand-written letters, so that was pretty neat," he said. "At first I was like, ‘what are they doing? What receiver would go to a running team and waste their time,' but they said they are switching to the west coast offense."

Tennessee is another possibility that has Kelly's ears listening, "I talked to Coach (Phillip) Fulmer just last week and they didn't recruit any receivers in this class," he said. "So that makes it really interesting to me, makes me think a little."

Kelly's brother Chris Butcher played running back and defensive back at Texas from 1995-98.

But despite his family ties to the ‘Horns, Kelly, who wants to major in computer science or computer engineering, said he is a little concerned about they way Texas chooses to "utilize" its talent.

"They never win the big game," he said. "They didn't utilize Roy Williams this year, should have thrown it out there for him. He's one of the best receivers in the nation. And it's a big concern on my part when they don't even use their talent."

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