Roddrick Muckelroy offered by Wildcats

This speed linebacker has an offer from K-State, but it might surprise you as to which schools are his favorites right now.

Kansas State has already offered Roddrick Muckelroy, but when asked which schools are his favorites, the Texas native and linebacker didn't mention the Wildcats.

"I'm just thinking about a lot right now," he said. "There's just a lot going on and I want to keep my options open. I don't plan to rush into anything this soon."

But the schools Muckelroy lists as favorites include Texas A&M, Texas, LSU, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, and TCU. However, Arizona, K-State, and LSU are the only to have offered so far.

Muckelroy received his offer from K-State in a form of a letter March 19 and has had no actual personal contact with the coaching staff yet. And as far as LSU goes, try a first name basis with Coach Nick Saban, who wants him to participate in the Tigers summer camp.

One aspect Muckelroy said he is looking for in recruiting is location. He couldn't stress that enough, making a point to say several times, "I don't do the cold thing." So judging by his early list, location is obvious, the South and Southwest regions.

"I want the atmosphere to be a good one, around the game, the community, and team," he said. "I want to be able to know that it's a place I can go and live four or five years, and enjoy it."

"But mostly local schools are what I'm looking at right now," he added. "I want to be somewhere where my family can come visit me and where I can go visit them when I can. I'm not trying to go too far from home at all."

On the field, Muckelroy is all over the place, recording 121 tackles last season. At 6-foot-2 210 pounds and 4.50 speed, Muckelroy is a ‘backer that can to the outside, make plays and hang with the speedsters out of the backfield.

"I love to hit people," he said. "I like to go for it all, cause a real disturbance for the other team. That's what I do week in, week out."

The Longhorns have even visited with Muckelroy about switching to strong safety because of his size and speed. Muckelroy, who said he's sure to visit Texas, A&M, and LSU in the fall, but is unsure on the other two visits, also plays running back in high school. Last season, on he had 664 yards and nine touchdowns on 89 carries.

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