Facing a touch decision

Caleb Blakesley has two offers, one from K-State, the other from KU. It's a decision that he says is a lot harder than one might think, especially when looking past the difference in victories in recent years.

The decision couldn't be any tougher right now for Caleb Blakesley.

KU or K-State? That's what this 6-foot-5 270 pound lineman from Ottawa, Kan. is faced with, now that he has an offer from the Wildcats, which he received this week.

"It's a tougher decision than a lot of people think," he said upon wrapping up a day spent at the K-State camp. "It's real tough to decide between the two schools. Both have their pros and cons."

Blakesley, who has just the two offers, is also receiving interest from Nebraska, Missouri, and Colorado State. He said the decision is tougher than some think because for most, seeing the difference in wins and losses between K-State and KU is not a difficult thing.

But it's not going to be that easy for Blakesley.

"K-State wins a lot of games," he said. "That's no secret. They're probably better off right now than KU, but Kansas has made a lot of improvement there. They're getting better and trying to build something."

Blakesley's interest in KU stems from location and a relationship he's already established with the coaches there, something he's still working on with the K-State staff.

"I just started to really get to know the K-State coaches this week," he said. "It's been better the last few days for that. I'm real impressed with them and how they handle themselves. You can see the tradition they bring to the table, felt it just being at the camp."

Another issue is the position he'll be playing. K-State wants Blakesley for offensive tackle, KU at defensive tackle-- both positions he's experienced with.

"I don't really care what position I play," he said. "I just want to play football. It's not going to be a determining factor for me. Wherever anyone wants to put me is fine."

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