Boykins still waiting on offers

Dallas speedster running back Anthony Boykins continues to play the waiting game-- so far, with no offers. Boykins said an offer from a program like K-State would almost certainly equal a quick commit.

He'll look at anyone that shows interest in him.

That's where running back Anthony Boykins stands right now—still without any offers.

"I don't have a top five," he said. "I'll look at anyone that talks to me, anyone."

Though no official offers have come down the pike for the 5-foot-8 170 pound Boykins, he said Missouri and Louisiana-Monroe indicated they would offer.

As far as Kansas State is concerned, Boykins, from Dallas, Texas continues to play the waiting game.

"K-State is a school I would like to go," said Boykins, who recorded a 4.38 40-yards at the May 3 Nike Combine at Texas A&M, the fastest time there—and in the rain. "They compete against great teams in a great conference, get national publicity. They're good every year."

But for a prospect that doesn't have any offers yet, getting one from a major program like K-State could be the one thing it would take to commit now.

"An offer from them or anyone like them—you have to take it," he said. "I'd love to be able to play there and work hard for them. An offer from a school like that doesn't go to everyone. If I got an offer like that, I'd almost have to commit right away to make sure I didn't lose it."

When asked how he would sell himself to K-State Boykins said, "I have good hands for a running back, an all-purpose back that can do a lot to help out a program."

In addition to K-State, Boykins, who had 500 yards and one touchdown as a junior, continues to list Baylor, Ohio State, Kansas, Texas, and A&M has his favorites.

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