Jackson likes K-State because of the consistency

Brian Jackson has is eye on defense, which includes K-State. Though the Wildcats haven't offered, this DeSoto, Texas cornerback still has them listed as a favorite-- as well as two other Big 12 powers.

He said his list of favorites is, "Virtually the same."

But DeSoto, Texas cornerback Brian Jackson is still waiting on some of those schools to come through with an offer and that includes Kansas State.

"I would love to get an offer from them," said Jackson, who had 31 tackles and four interceptions last season. "I haven't heard anything for a while now. They're a good team, consistent year to year and they never seem to have a good year and then fall down—they're always there."

But Jackson, who lists Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Arizona has his top three, said if K-State does offer, they have some work to do to win him over. Defensive coordinator Bob Elliott has handled Jackson's recruitment.

"I have 20 offers right now," he said. "I don't have to go there, but I want them to show me that they want me to go there. I want them to show more interest. I feel like if they really wanted me, they would have offered by now."

The 6-foot-2 210 pound Jackson lists OU because of the history of defense under Bob Stoops and Arizona because of brother Mike Stoops and expectations of a good defense. The Cowboys are in there because they were the first to offer.

"I have to have OSU in there because they were the very first to show me interest and offer me," he said. "Oklahoma just knows how to play defense, always one of the best. I think Arizona is going to be great too, with Stoops' brother (Mike) over there. I like K-State for the same reasons I like those other schools—because they can play too."

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