Colorado Quarterback Commits

"I just liked everything about the Cats. I just got off the phone with Coach Peterson a little while ago, probably around 12 and committed. I am going to Kansas State. "

Colorado Quarterback Commits

by Sean Kelly

"I just liked everything about the Cats. I just got off the phone with Coach (Greg)Peterson a little while ago, probably around 12 and committed. I am going to Kansas State. "

Earning Second team all-state selection as a JR and First team all-conference as a WR and a kick returner for Littleton Chatfield High School, Zac is being recruited to play both Quarterback and Wide Receiver for the Wildcats.

"Coach Peterson told me that I can play both. What did it for me is the day after Coach Peterson saw my highlight film he called my coach and like wanted to talk to me right away and see if I were interested in Kansas State. Coach was pretty consistent and I spoke to him almost weekly."

Playing Wide Receiver almost exclusively for Littleton Chatfield this past year, Zac also plays a little quarterback. So what position will Zac play in college?

"Coach Peterson told me that I will get a chance to play either spot. Quarterback is where I want to start and I think I fit into their offense pretty well. I will get a shot to play quarterback and that is really all I wanted." Zac recently camped with KSU and came away impressed with the program.

"I went to their camp a couple weeks ago. After camp, I just really liked pretty much everything about them. I like the campus, the town, their facilities and the fans. Definitely the coaches. Just pretty much everything fit me so well."

Being recruited by much of the Big 12 with offers from in-state schools like Colorado and Colorado State, Kansas State was just:

" too good not to commit. I thought about it for about a week after the camp and talked with my father. I was really close to committing at the camp, I would say about 90% sure I wanted to commit but wanted to wait. Coming back from Notre Dame's camp, on the flight home, me and my dad talked about it for awhile and he knew where I wanted to go and said ‘just go and do it'. Being the Big 12 champs last year didn't hurt either."

So what was the final thing that lead to his commitment?

"I could not think of any other school that if they offered, would be better then Kansas State. I mean I just could not think that if there was any other school that recruited me and offered I would say yes to over Kansas State."

And the Wildcat Staff?

"I called Coach Peterson to let him know. He is here in Colorado; mountain biking with is family and stuff. Coach Peterson said I do not know about you but my smile is all the way from here to Manhattan. He said he is really happy and excited and said that he was hoping I would commit."

So with Coach Peterson on vacation was it hard to reach him?

(Laughing) "Nope. Coach took my call. I talked to him almost every week and wanted to let him know."

We asked Zac if this was it for him? Would he be taking any other recruiting trips?

"Nah, I am done. I am going to Kansas State. I am pretty set; in fact I would say I am 100% set. This is it for me."

As for an official visit, Zac is going to be taking his entire family to tour Manhattan.

"I am going to take my whole family down there to check it out. They all want to see it. I am probably going to go down for the Nebraska game and some others games for sure and then I am definitely going to take my official there."

Cat fans are going to love this recruit.

"Who wouldn't want to go to Kansas State? I watched them a bunch last year and I think I will fit in perfectly with their offense. I mean I can throw and I can run the option. I ran a 4.45 at their camp and the coaches really like my speed and ability to catch the football. The main thing is I want to get up to 190 (pounds) once the season starts and then close to 200 pounds and go down there and try to play as a freshman."

Asked about playing time.

"I want to play. They have said I have a pretty good shot at playing and I would really like to go down there and compete for a spot. They told me they are recruiting other quarterbacks. I think they have offered three other quarterbacks."

I said Cat fans are going to love this recruit, here is what he had to say about other recruits.

"I am going to be telling everyone I am going to Kansas State and help recruit other kids to Kansas State. I run into Grant (Crunkleton) and need to give him a call and start recruiting for Kansas State. If you have a number for him, I need to talk to some other recruits."

We let Zac know that Kansas State has some of the best fans in the country and asked if he could tell Cat Fans anything what would it be?

"Please tell them I am very excited to be a Wildcat and part of the Big 12 Champs and be a part of their great tradition."

Feeling is mutual Zac, Welcome to the Family!

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