K-State only school talking quarterback with Ellis

While K.J. Ellis seems to be regarded as one of the best defensive prospects out there, K-State is also talking about allowing the Texas native try quarterback too.

Out of a top six, K.J. Ellis lists Kansas State at No. 3, even despite not having an offer yet.

But don't worry about him not having an offer, because Ellis isn't. It's partly his fault, he says, by not attending the K-State summer camp this past June.

"I missed the opportunity to get there," he said. "But I've talked to them and K-State told me that they wanted to go over things with me there, if not soon after, if I would have made the trip. I still want to get there to meet everyone and get a better look at the program this fall. I hope that after doing that, I might still get an offer. I just want them to keep in contact with me, like they have so far- about once or twice every two weeks."

But unlike most of the schools that are recruiting this 6-foot-2 202 pound three-star athlete, K-State is the only one that is actively talking about letting Ellis try quarterback as well as safety—where the other schools want him to play.

"Coach (Bob) Elliott is the only coach that is talking about letting my try anything I want," he said. "I'd love to have the opportunity to try both sides of the ball to see where I fit in best. I don't have a problem with either position, but I do look at the quarterback position as a greater challenge – to be in control of the game, the responsibility right there on my shoulders. I have a passion for that – to lead.

"All the way through school, I've always just played whatever position my coaches have asked me to, even linebacker before. I just want to win and do whatever it takes to do that."

So what does this Arlington, Texas native see in the Wildcats?

"I like their work ethic on the field," he said. "They have the mindset to get the job done all the time. I'm friends with (linebacker) Sean Lowe. He played at my high school and he's told me about K-State and how they prepare for games, that's it hard work everyday, but that it always pays off for them. I mean, their defense is one of the best every single year."

Ellis has a set a tentative date for an announcement as to his decision—birthday, October 3—depending on his feelings at the time and situation.

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