Byron Eaton is searching for a position

Eaton is projected as a running back or safety, but K-State might have other ideas for this talented athlete.

He says he wants to play quarterback. But is projecting him as a safety, maybe a running back.

However, Byron Eaton only wants to play quarterback if he goes to Kansas State, the only program to be recruiting him as a quarterback.

"Most like me for running back I think," he said. "But K-State is only talking quarterback right now."

So what position does this 6-foot 200 pound athlete want to play?

"I'd say quarterback right now," said Eaton, who plays quarterback in high school. "I mean, when it comes to K-State, they do some good things at that position. I like how the K-State quarterbacks run the ball and take control of the offense."

But the Wildcat coaches haven't called in a while, so it has Eaton kind of nervous right now. Looking on the bright side though, K-State did offer verbally some time ago.

"I haven't heard from them for a while," he said. "I'm just not sure if the offer is still good or not. I wish they'd call me back just so I know if they're still interested."

Eaton is also being recruited by Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, San Diego State, SMU, and Baylor.

So what does K-State see in Eaton?

"They told me they liked the way I play the game, the speed on the field," he said. "I think it is just my athleticism in general that K-State likes. I can do a lot for a team I think."

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