Behrens: Looking to his friends

Jake Behrens does not have an offer from K-State just yet. But while he continues to stay interested in the Wildcats, he looks to his friends that play for K-State for advice.

Jake Behrens has not been offered by Kansas State yet, but while his interest in the Wildcats continues to grow, so do his conversations with his friends that play for K-State.

Behrens, a fullback from Omaha's Millard North High, has looked to running back John McCardle and first-year Cat Brad Rooker for information about K-State.

"It would be nice to go there," he said. "I have my friends there that I talk to about them. It's nice to be able to talk to them and know what I'm getting. As far as K-State goes, it is a program that has come a long way over the years."

But Behrens also has high interest in Stanford and Colorado, the only two programs to have offered this 6-foot-2 225 pounder that also plays linebacker and defensive end.

"I went to the Stanford camp and loved it," he said. "I have a real interest in Stanford because I know I would get a great education and they're talking about me playing early there. Colorado has also talked about me getting on the field quick too."

As far as the kind of fullback Behrens is, he said he's diverse in his skills, saying, "I can block with anyone, but also have good hands to catch the ball out of the backfield and can run with it too."

Behrens, who has only received letters from K-State, said he is also looking at Notre Dame and his home state's Nebraska—both schools that he attended summer camps at.

Two of his five officials are also locked up—both Stanford and Colorado. As far as the other three, "they're wide-open right now." Behrens also said he "probably" won't commit anywhere until he takes all his visits. And judging by the two visits he said he will take, this prospect might just follow the offers when deciding on which schools he should visit.

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