Cats go into Texas again for Commit #8

Kansas State is burning things up on the recruiting front this summer. Once again the Wildcat Staff tapped the state of Texas and came out with commitment. The Wildcat Staff added verbal commitment # 8 to the class of 2005 five with the addition of Dallas Lincoln Safety.

Cats go into Texas again for Commit #8

by Sean Kelly

Kansas State is burning things up on the recruiting front this summer. Once again the Wildcat Staff tapped the state of Texas and came out with commitment. The Wildcat Staff added verbal commitment # 8 to the class of 2005 five with the addition of Dallas Lincoln Safety --Courtney Herndon.

Wildcat Defensive coordinator and Defensive Backs coach Bob Elliot got the phone call from Courtney verbally committing to play for the Cats after having recruiting him since his Junior Year. Although unable to make a trip to visit Manhattan for the Wildcat Summer camp, Herndon picked the Cats over offers from UH, Tulsa, SMU, Utah, TCU and Georgia Tech.

"Yep, I am glad to get it over with. I committed to Coach Elliot and Kansas State. It feels really good and I am happy to get it over with to tell you the truth. I was ready. People have been bugging me and asking me all the time where am I going, hounding me about what am I doing. I was ready. It feels real good to tell them now and I have been looking to do this for some time. Coach was really happy." said Herndon.

Coach Elliot made a definite impression on Herndon and was on the main reasons he decided on Kansas State.

"Coach Elliot and I get along really well. He makes me laugh and it is their defense I like so much. I fit in perfectly with their defense and scheme and that is really where I wanted to play. I just want to come in and play in that defense and for him (Coach Elliot). I really like how they play on the defense."

Interesting side-note to Herndon's commitment:
"What I like about Kansas State is first, my principal went to Kansas State and was one of the influences over me. I prayed about it and that is kinda where I felt the best. You know he (his principal) always would tell me a little something good about when he was there. He was another reason that I choose them, cause I knew he went there and that kinda was an influence for me."
As for the timeframe in committing to the Wildcats:

"To tell you the truth, I have known where I wanted to go for awhile. I committed about a week and a half ago but I called Coach Elliot again about a day ago or so to let him know I had made up my mind and that I was coming." said Herndon.

Courtney says K-State has recruited him to play Safety and that he is looking forward to stepping in and playing immediately.

"My current height right now is 5'11 ½ and about 200 pounds. I might be a little smaller then some of the other safeties but I can do it all. It's just about physical and hitting. I would love to start but I mean wherever they want me is cool. If I can come in and start right away- that is my goal. I mean I want to play and get in there and get it on. I can do it all, coverage, run whatever. I like to play physical and get in there and mix it up. I am going to knock people around and get up on them. I can do it all, it really does not matter. "

Courtney right now is focused on the football season at hand and says he would like to make it down to Manhattan for his official visit:

"Sometime after football season I want to make it down there. I have not had a chance to visit yet but I want to make it down and check them out. I wished they played up here in Dallas so that I could check them out cause it's hard to get away and see a game."

The Wildcats have been recruiting Courtney since his junior year in high school and in speaking with Coach Todd, his secondary coach, the Cats offered him roughly a month ago. In regards to Courtney's commitment, Coach Todd walked us through his commitment.

"They offered him about a month ago and he was really feeling Kansas State and that is where he wanted to go. You know he was never able to make it up to their camp in May and just told us that Kansas State is really where he was feeling it."

As for what type of play Courtney is for Dallas Lincoln:

"He is our leader on defense, our Roy Williams type, he is really physical, I mean really physical. He is a good kid and the hardest working kid for us. We had summer workouts and he did not miss one workout. He does everything you tell him to do. He worked hard this summer to lower his forty time to the low 4.5's, bench presses 300, 36 inch vertical, already passed his Sat and has a good GPA."

As for his position at the next level:

"He is a safety. They (KSU) are going to play him as a strong safety and really I think that is where he is going to fit in best. He is always making the big play. Whether it is you need a interception or a fumble or blocking a kick for us, whatever it is he is our big play guy. He had about 8 or nine offers from other schools before he picked them."

As for the deciding factor for Courtney:

"I think the thing that really made it for Courtney was that it is a smaller environment and place where he can go, study and just really get better in football. That is what they do up there, they work hard and get better at football and they produce players. It is a smaller place where he can just concentrate on school and football and that is what suits him. He is just such a great kid and this was the place for him. I wished he had a chance to go down there and see it but he will make it down there." said Coach Todd.

Before we ended the interview, Courtney had a message he wanted us to deliver to Cats fans and we promised him we would include this in the interview:

"Tell them I am something special and I am coming up. I am just like not going to be known but I am something special and they are going to like me. Once they see me, they are going to like me- I am coming up."

Coach Todd wanted Cat fans to know something about his star player as well: "He is a primetime right there. He is going to make a difference up there. Maybe not his first year but by his second year he is going to stand out. He is primetime, they really got a good one in Courtney. He is going to step up and make people take notice."

Courtney is the second Safety prospect to join the 2005 Wildcat Recruiting haul, joining fellow Lonestar standout--Kevin Hollis.

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