DeSoto's cornerback "The Freak" on recruiting

The Cats have been burning recruiting up in the state of Texas this summer and with nine verbal commits already for the class of 2004-2005….the Kansas State coaching staff is still hitting the recruiting trail hard within the Lonestar state.

There has been a great deal of attention focused this year on DeSoto High School and it's five plus Division I quality recruits. None more talented then Brian Jackson-- DeSoto High's star cornerback. Known as the "Freak" to his teammates, Brian is being recruited by Defensive Coordinator Bob Elliot for the Cats.

Quick Stats: CB/S, 6-1, 210, 4.55, DeSOTO, TEXAS

Capable of playing either the Safety position with his great combination of size and speed, this recruit could very well end up at the Cornerback position where he says:" I love one on one coverage. When you stick me out there, it is just shut down time. I like to play against their best guy and then close down that side of the field."

Jackson's top schools:

"Right now I would have to say that Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arizona and then Kansas State are my top schools. I am looking at them the hardest."

How has your summer being going?

"We have been working out really hard this summer trying to get ready for the season. I have been working on trying to get stronger but mainly I have been working on technique and my footwork. I need to work on my footwork mainly for the corner spot. I have been in the weight room too and am still putting up around 315 on the bench and my squat is right around 550- but I am working on getting those numbers up."

Having mentioned some out of state school, have you had a chance to go and visit?

"Well I went up to Oklahoma State a couple weeks ago and that was pretty cool. I got to talk with some of the coaches and I already know some of their players up there. Also I went down to Arizona to check them out too. Man was it hot down there. The Campus was really nice and I got to see how they do things."

Have you had a chance to visit Kansas State yet?

" I have not set anything up yet but I want to check them out too. I am going to take all my visits but this summer I really wanted to go and check some places out and see how serious I was about them. I definitely am going to go down their (Kansas State) and look at them. They have been writing my a lot and I want to see them."

What do you like about Kansas State?

"Well Darren Sproles. I have watched a lot of their games, mostly last year and you know they won the Big 12. Man what a game. I am looking at Oklahoma too and man that game was really something. Darren Sproles, I do not know how many yards he put up but it was a lot. I like watching him play and to be honest it really caught my eye I guess that they were able to beat Oklahoma that way."

We asked Brian his playing style

"Man I like to play all alone where if you mess up it is all on you. One thing I like about Kansas State's defense is they will leave you out there and that is how guys in the NFL make it. You are out there all alone and everyone knows you got to shut their guy down. I like to give em something extra right at the line and stick em. Sometimes I like to come up to and get some shots in but I like to play bump and run and then just let it go."

As for a when he will make a decision?

"I would like to get in over with, probably before the season starts."

Is there a clear cut leader at this point?

"Nah not really. I am looking at a couple schools right now but not really."

What about playing time?

"I want to play. I mean I will do whatever the coaches need me to do when I get there but I want to play and get in there. I think where ever I go I am going to be looking at who they have and if I can come in and play. If I had to red-shirt or something like that I would be I think I can play."

As for going out of state:

"That really is not that important to me, I mean I will go wherever. I just want to find that right spot for me and play. I need to find somewhere where I like the coaches and you know I fit in with them."

Fully qualified already, Jackson has made mention that he would like to get recruiting over with sometime this summer or before his season really gets heated up. Brian made mention that he has talked with Wildcat Alum Ell Roberson before and is familiar with Kansas State and the program.

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