Reggie Smith Ready to Set Official Visits

Reggie Smith is ready for football season to start. He is also ready to sit back and try and select those five schools that he would like to take official visits to as the recruiting process once again gets heated up when coaches will be allowed to contact recruits again in September. So who will get visits?

Reggie Smith Ready to Set Official visits

By Sean Kelly

Reggie Smith is ready for football season to start. He is also ready to sit back and try and select those five schools that he would like to take official visits to as the recruiting process once again gets heated up when coaches will be allowed to contact recruits again in September.

The 2003 Oklahoma Offensive Player of the Year, Reggie Smith from Santa Fe high School in Oklahoma says he is ready to start scheduling visits. Rated as the #2 safety prospect in the country by TheInsiders and a certain five star prospect, this prospect says the hardest part is not the football but rather trying to pair his list of schools down to five.

"It is really hard right now. I want to get that list down and it is something I need to do but it is hard getting down to five. I have had some time to think about where I am at with each school but sometimes that just makes it harder."

In High School, the position you play is not one that always translates to the same position you will play in college. When I spoke with Reggie, I reminded him that his cousin- Andre Jones, a well established and recruited running back from Olathe, Kansas had mentioned he thought he was the best running back prospect between the two of them.

"Yea man, I had not heard that story before."

I asked Reggie who he thought was the better running back?

"I would have to give it up to Andre. I can play running back but that is not really my best position."

Which is pretty much the point. Reggie is used by his High School team as an athlete and while some schools are recruiting him as a safety, others are recruiting him to play wide receiver and or perhaps corner.

"Safety is where they are going to put me this fall when start back up. Safety is where I will play first but you know that is not my only position. I am going to play some Wide receiver" said Smith. "I have had coaches tell me that I would make a great cornerback too in college. Some coaches are recruiting me to wide receiver and some to play corner or safety. I think my best position though is safety and it is what I like to play."

At 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds it really does not matter where you line Reggie Smith up at on the football field- you have a difference maker. With 4.5 speed, Smith has started for Sante Fe both as a freshman and a sophomore and as a junior lead Santa Fe to the 6A Championship game playing both ways - FS/WR/RB and a little time at QB. As a junior Smith rushed for 963 yards, had 491 receiving yards and totaled 20 touchdowns. Defensively he registered 73 tackles and 9 interceptions and in a pinch, if you really needed him to…….he could punt for you as well.

Which is exactly why you have just about every division one school in the nation traveling to Edmund Oklahoma to see Reggie Smith in person during the evaluation period. Most programs offered scholarships on the spot- including the Kansas State Wildcats and Coach Peterson.

"Yes. I have a bunch of offers right now. Coach Peterson is still recruiting me for Kansas State and I get a lot of mail from him. I have a scholarship offer from KSU" said Smith.

This summer, Reggie traveled looking at programs around the country and trying to evaluate schools.

"I went to camps at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, USC, and while I was there visited UCLA. I also went to junior days at Texas A&M and went to the Kansas State spring game. I pretty much enjoyed different things at each school while I was there."

Having visited a couple campuses, I asked Reggie if any schools stood out for him?

"I really do not have any one school that stands out and that is what makes it hard I guess. I mean I do not have any favorites, I am still trying to figure that out right now. I have not set any officials yet but I would like to start doing that once the season starts. Hopefully once the season starts I can get a couple visits in. I would like to take two over the weekend when we play Thursday night games."

As for the home town favorites, will Reggie take official visits to the two in-state schools?

"I'm pretty sure that I don't want to take an official to the in-state schools." said Reggie.

What about leaving the state?

"Leaving is not a big deal at all. I mean I just want to go where I think is right for me and a big part of that is if I get somewhere and something dramatic happens and it just feels right. I want to tale all my visits and then choose."

Asked if that meant he could possibly make an early decision?

"Something dramatic would have to happen. I would have to get there and everything just fall perfectly in place for me. I mean I could do it but I really want to take all my visits and then choose."

As for the Wildcats, will Kansas State secure an official visit?

"Man, I just can't say right now. I mean they are one of the schools I am looking at but I am really trying to figure that out right now and put together the schools I want to visit. I like Kansas State and they send me a lot of mail, so they are definitely one of the schools that I am looking at."

"Coach Peterson is recruiting me for Kansas State and I like him a lot. They send me mail constantly and try to keep in touch and just let me know that they still want me and what they are up to."

The recruiting war for this Blue Chip Prospect will escalate in the coming months when college coaches can once again start calling recruits. This will be one of the hottest recruiting bouts in the Big 12 this year as Reggie is a very gifted athlete capable of playing numerous positions and is a difference maker on the field. Rated the #2 Safety prospect in the country by TheInsiders, Reggie says that although he has enjoyed his summer- he is ready for football to start.

We will check back with Reggie Smith as recruiting and his season progresses.

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