Houston TE High On the Cats

Once again the Wildcat Staff is recruiting the state of Texas hard and looking to Houston's Startford High school and star TE.

Houston TE High On the Cats

by Sean Kelly

The Wildcat Staff has already gone into the state of Texas this year on more then one occasion and TE prospect Ben Snellenberger of Stratford High School in Houston is yet another Lonestar recruit the Cat staff is monitoring.

Rated a two star recruit, this 6-foot-2, 225 pound senior with 4.85 speed in the forty says he projects strictly as a Tight End in college.

"I would have to say that Tight End is the best position for me. I really want to play Tight End in College and right now pretty much everyone that is recruiting me is recruiting me at that position."

With Coaches unable to directly contact recruits, many have been left to sort out their college preferences with a little time to themselves.

"I have enjoyed the phone not ringing so much, I mean not in a bad way but sometimes it is kinds nice just to know you can come home and the phone is not going to ring off the hook."

Catching 5 receptions last year for close to 67 yards en route to being named a 1st team all-district selection, Ben says the best part of his game is blocking.

"Some tight ends are classified as pass catching tight ends and I can do that too but I really enjoy blocking, that is one of the most fun things. Right now my best position is tight end, I used to play DE but tight end is my best position. I like to get out there and just drive people around on the field and with what we run at my High School, I get the chance to block a lot. I think that is probably my best quality. I have a really good and quick first step and can lock you up and then just drive you out. I have really fast feet."

As for favorites, this Houston product says he currently favors TCU slightly over the other schools recruiting him.

"I like TCU a little better then the other schools recruiting my right now. After TCU though I like Kansas State, Michigan State and Dartmouth."

Former Wildcat and current Defensive Line Coach Mo Latimore is recruiting Ben for the Cats and Ben says he gets mail from Coach Latimore and Kansas State on a regular basis. Although the Cats have yet to offer, Ben says he wants to give each school a chance and would like to set up official visits to each school he is considering.

"Well right now they cannot call but I still get a lot of mail from them and notes recruiting me and keeping in touch while they can't call. I have been down to see the Kansas State campus though and check things out and so I know what that his about and that is a reason I have the Cats just below probably TCU right now."

Ben tripped to Manhattan earlier this summer and had this to say about his visit.

"Yea we went down their in the early part of the summer just to try and take a look around and see the campus and all. I wanted to have a look around and see what they were all about. I really liked the coaches there when I went there it was really a lot of fun. It is a really nice campus with a good atmosphere and that really stood out to me."

Currently Ben has been spending his summer in the weight room and getting ready for his season.

"My numbers have gone up this summer. Last time I maxed out I hit 315 on the bench and squatted around 435."

In looking for a school, Ben says there are a couple things he is looking for specifically.

"Mostly it is atmosphere for me and I have to like where I am at and then education. The education is very important to me also and from there is it about how I fit in there and get along with the coaches and players and stuff."

Ben is fully qualified already and says he would like to Major in Business in college.

"I am in the first quarter of my class and got a 1260 on my SAT, I am alright there and qualified. I am looking at the education and probably want to major in Business."

Although he has not set up any visits yet, Ben says that once football gets started he would like to start setting up his officials.

"Once the season starts I would really like to start setting up my visits. I have not really done anything yet."

As for Kansas State, will the Cats be getting a visit?

"Yes Kansas State is right there and I would like to set up a official there."

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