Snyder: Fresno State might have fastest defense

While K-State struggled to shut the door on Western Kentucky last Saturday, Fresno State was busy taking care of Washington, including three defensive touchdowns. Bill Snyder said at his weekly press conference Tuesday that the Bulldogs might have the fastest defense K-State will see all season.

Fresno State is no Western Kentucky and that's what Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder has been stressing to his team since last Saturday's 27-13 narrow escape over the Hilltoppers.

But While the Wildcats were struggling to put away WKU, Fresno State was having no trouble with Washington en route to its 35-16 victory.

"I like (Paul) Pinegar, their quarterback," Snyder said at Tuesday's press conferene. "He's a 60 percent thrower over his career there. The experience he has shows up in the way he manages the game and operates the offense. He's a very poised young guy and he's an active guy in the pocket.

"You would think that his stature would indicate that he's not a real mobile quarterback, but that's just not true at all. I think that was very evident in the Washington game. He's very capable of bringing the ball down and scrambling with it. He can throw it with a high degree of efficiency and he's a tough youngster and he's poised and very knowledgeable about the offense."

However, the Bulldogs had just 262 total yards of offense and were outgained by Washington by 98 yards.

Fresno State's best offense came from its defense. After all, the Bulldogs' defense scored three touchdowns, one from an 18-yard fumble recovery, and two from interception returns. Snyder said Fresno State's defense might be the fastest defensive football team the Wildcats will see this season.

"They probably rival Oklahoma in that respect," he said. "They just run awfully well. They are a very aggressive defensive football team. They have great pursuit and are a physical defensive football team. With all the returning guys that they have, they've got a ton of interceptions over the past couple of years. They are a complete package on defense. If there is one thing that stood out, it is just that they run hard and fast."

Sophomore quarterback Dylan Meier said despite what speed Fresno State might bring to the game, there can't be any hesitation on his part to make plays.

"The day you start worrying about being careful and being hesitant is the day you're going to fail," said Meier, who was 12-of-18 for 183 yards passing last week. "You just have to go out there and perform like you always have, and just go out there and let it fly."

But as to whether or not Fresno State takes a lot of chances on defense, Snyder said, "One might think that that's the case, but I don't see it that way. I think that it is calculated speed. They know where they are going. They just know how to get there a little faster than a lot of people. They are a blitzing football team, but they know what they are doing and they are protected. Anytime you blitz, you know where your weaknesses are and they are pretty good at protecting their weaknesses."

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