KSU trying to identify problem areas after loss

The theme of Tuesday's press conference revolved around trying to identify K-State's problem areas that seemed so abundant against Fresno State last Saturday. K-State coach Bill Snyder said the main area of concern is game speed, which he hopes is much improved against Louisiana-Lafayette this week.

The theme of Kansas State's press conference Tuesday afternoon was simple: to identify what went wrong last Saturday in the blowout loss to Fresno State after there's been a few days to think about it and watch film.

And that's exactly what K-State coach Bill Snyder said he and his coaching staff has done in trying to identify the problems that seemed so abundantly obvious.

"We've lost ballgames before that I certainly thought that we shouldn't," he said. "I don't know if I can recall, in particular, when we have performed as poorly as we did last Saturday.

"What we've done week-in and week-out, and even year-in and year-out is to identify what your problems are. Then you devise the best plan that you possibly can in order to address and correct all the problems and issues. So we've sat down and tried to address the major concerns and mid-major concerns so we can piece together a workable plan, allow our players to understand it, and set forth on the task of working the plan."

Specifically, Snyder said he wants to see more speed out of K-State. Against Fresno State, K-State (1-1) appeared super slow getting off blocks and defending the outside.

"Outside of a win, I want us to be able to play faster, harder, to be more fundamentally sound, and I want us to be better conditioned," Snyder said of what he expects when K-State faces Louisiana-Lafayette Saturday. "There are a lot of other things as well, but I think those things are a major part of what we are investing in at this time. I think these are high priorities for us. We also need to play with greater spirit."

It's that spirit that sophomore quarterback Dylan Meier said he wants to see.

"There's quite a bit missing right now, that's blatantly obvious.  But first and foremost, we need spirit and the will to win," said Meier, who did not start last week due to an injury sustained against Western Kentucky. "We still want to, and the fire and passion for the game is going to be necessary for us to win."

One bright spot for the Wildcats, who dropped out of the top 25 with the loss, is that Monday night's practice went very well, which included a half hour meeting led by Snyder.

"He just said what we needed to get it done, that we needed to be more committed, and we needed to be more focused," junior offensive lineman Jeromey Clary said. "Judging off of last night's practice, I think everybody is. We had a really good practice last night.

"I got home from practice last night and sat down with my fiancée and I was happy and excited because we had a good practice. It looked like people actually got the message from the meeting and I was really happy to see some people step up."

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