Sproles relives success in the option

For the first all season, Darren Sproles found some success in the option last week. It may not be a fluke that is came when the faster Allen Webb started at quarterback over the more passing oriented Dylan Meier a week ago.

Darren Sproles' season cannot be what he had envisioned last August. After all, K-State has a losing record through seven games and he has struggled to get his yards, touchdowns, and hold onto the ball.

But despite all those struggles, which have not entirely been his fault, Sproles gave Wildcat fans a real show against Nebraska when he ran 22 times for 135 yards and two touchdowns.

However it may not have a fluke that he put up monster numbers again when K-State went back to the option running attack.

The Wildcats revisited its quarterback running game when Allen Webb had to start for the injured Dylan Meier against Nebraska.

For the first time this season defenses weren't able to key exclusively on Sproles because K-State had a viable running threat in Webb. After all, Webb did have 147 yards and four touchdowns against the Huskers.

Wildcat coach Bill Snyder said that with Webb in the game, the option game "lends itself to what Webb is capable of doing."

"We he started running and got to the outside a few times, they started keying on him more than me," said Sproles, who has 853 yards on the season. "It was nice. With the option, they don't know really who to cover. It opens stuff up for both of us if we can both get to the outside more, like today."

However, whether or not K-State will continue to use the option like it did against Nebraska and last season, only time will tell.

But for Sproles' sake, it might not be a bad idea because of the struggles of the offensive line when Sproles tries to run between the tackles.

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