K-State aims at containing MU's Smith

So far Missouri's Brad Smith has not been a factor against K-State in his career, but then again, this season has not been like previous seasons either. The K-State defense hopes to be on top of it's game Saturday when it travels to Missou in the hopes of extending the Wildcats' win streak to 12 over the Tigers.

Missouri's Brad Smith is a great quarterback. He has the ability to run and pass, and basically just torment opposing defenses.

However, against Kansas State Smith has been a non-factor.

Last season in Manhattan, Smith was 14-of-28 with one interception and one touchdown for 155 yards. But on the ground, he had a whopping 26 yards on 16 carries.

When K-State travels to Columbia Saturday, not only will the Wildcats be trying to contain the electrifying junior quarterback, but they'll be defending an 11-game win streak over the Tigers.

K-State sophomore defensive back Maurice Mack said the key to slowing Smith down is getting in his face.

"We have seen film from this year and we watched film from last year," he said. "We were able to contain him and get him in zone situations and he had trouble with pressure in his face and he was always trying to move around. He's just like every other quarterback. If you get pressure on him, he will have trouble trying to throw the ball while he's trying to scramble. I think if we just keep putting pressure on the quarterback, we'll be fine."

Wildcat head coach Bill Snyder said he thinks some of K-State's success against Smith can be attributed to the fact that K-State sees a similar offense in practice everyday.

"We've played well," he said. "I think good preparation (is the reason for success) as much as anything. It's been suggested, and I tend to agree with that, that because our offense can be similar to what they can do and what they have done with Brad, and therefore, on a regular basis, in particular during the spring and two-a-days period and a little while at each practice throughout the year, we have the opportunity to experience the same kind of things defensively. I think it helps."

However, comparing defenses of year's past might be the same as comparing it this season's defense.

K-State has struggled off and on this season on defense, but at times shown the same aggressiveness that has kept Smith under its thumb.

However, senior defensive tackle Jermaine Berry that once things go fine in practice, it hasn't always carried over into the games.

"For some people it's a reoccurring thing," he said. "For some people, it's just that some things go wrong every time. Personally, I think it's just one little thing that keeps happening that we just can't put our finger on it. We work on stuff during practice and it goes perfect during practice and we don't have a problem with what we are doing. But execution-wise, once we get into the games, it's just one of those things where if one person out of eleven gets in the wrong spot, stuff happens."

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