There's still fight in the Wildcats

Spirits are still high, according to defensive tackle Jermaine Berry, despite K-State having its back against the wall. The formula for the postseason is simple: Three wins and the Wildcats are in. One loss and K-State is out. With that in mind, the Cats hope to go 1-0 today and extend the win streak over Missouri to 12. Kickoff is set for 11:30 AM on Fox Sports Net.

There has not been another time in recent seasons that Kansas State has its back pressed so hard against the wall this season.

It's simple, three wins and K-State is in. One loss and K-State is out.

That's the mindset the Wildcats are trying to find as they enter the 11:30 kickoff at Missouri today.

"There is no tomorrow and there is no turning back," sophomore defensive back Maurice Mack said. "Without this game, there is nothing we can do in the postseason or anything. As far as our spirit, it's just a pride factor. It's part of the Kansas State tradition. I think we have to finish this game off right and just play right now."

It's odd because while K-State's postseason hopes continue to fade with each loss, apparently so has the acceptance of losing, senior defensive tackle Jermaine Berry said.

"There have been players getting together, and there have been a lot of seniors expressing their feelings about this season," Berry said. "And you can say all you want, but if you don't get it done, then it doesn't matter. We had a player's meeting two weeks ago on a Thursday on the field after our practice. There might be a couple of more meetings to come, but there might not. It just depends on how things go and what needs to be said."

But despite some of the pressure being on the players by seniors and the five losses, Berry said the spirits of the team are still quite high heading into the last three games.

"There are still hopes and dreams for all of us, especially us seniors," he said. "There have been some downs, there have been some tears shed, and there have been some angry people. The one thing we have still is our goals. Our goals seem kind of shady right now, but they are still attainable. That's what we are going off of."

And Berry said that no matter how this season has gone so far, "There better not be anyone looking to next season, especially the seniors. We are cherishing everything we can. For us, that's it. For the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, they have next year to look at. There shouldn't be anybody, coaches or players that are looking forward when we have three games left to turn our season around."

But no matter how anyone wants to look at it, perhaps the best perspective came from linebacker Ted Sims.

"We still have a chance, mathematically, to be in the Big 12 Championship," he said. "We are just looking at being 1-0 after beating Missouri this weekend."

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