Snyder Says "We Will Take it"

There just is no quit in these Cats. In a game that saw two different teams- the Wildcat team of the First half and then the Wildcat team of the second half that played with reckless abandon in a come from behind win over Missouri ...35-24.

As the Cats headed off the field in Columbia, Coach Snyder expressed the hard fought victory.

"I am not sure what we did to be this fortunate but if the Good Lord wanted us to win well, we'll take it" said Coach Snyder after his Cats came storming back to overcome an almost insurmountable deficit.

In a game that resembled the tale of two teams, the Cats decided at the half that no lead was too large and that there was no quit in this team.

"We made the decision at halftime that we were going to be fighters. I think that showed in the second half. We played much better" said Antoine Polite.

And boy did they ever. The team that took the field after half played like a team on the verge of being shut out of their first bowl game in countless years, Hungry!

Contrast that with the halftime speech from Missouri's Head Coach Gary Pinkel.

"In the locker room it was more positive. We've got thirty minute and we've got to do things in the second half. We don't do that, we talk about it's a 60 minute game and we've got 30 minutes left. We've got to keep working hard, it was a very spirited locker room and they're all dying now. But that's going to happen."

The 21 point come from behind win by the Cats ties the record for the most points ever overcome by a Wildcat team. Much of the accolades should go directly to Allen Webb who dazzled and completely stunned most of the 63,412 fans on hand to watching the game.

A performance by Webb that clearly grabbed the attention of Coach Snyder.

"He [Webb] went in originally because Dylan got banged up a little bit. Then, there was my reasoning to play both of them at certain points in time. They're just a little different in the style of quarterbacks and what they bring to our offense is a little different."

Coach Snyder had only positive things to say on the play of Allen Webb.

"I thought Allen played very well in the ballgame. He did a lot of good things. Dylan made athletic plays, number one. I think number two, it also was apparent that he had made some headway in regards to the management of the game for our offense."

Overall, Webb ended the day 6 of 8 for 111 yards through the air, rushing for 52 yards and numerous timely first downs. And although Webb has had his pundits this year, after another stellar performance, Allen heaped the praise on his OL and his running back.

"It feels good, but I've got to give a lot of credit to our offensive line. It starts with the o-line. The other thing is I'm playing with Darren Sproles, and he takes a lot of pressure off because he's such a playmaker. The defense has to watch him at all times."

In the end this was a Huge win for the Cats that keeps aspirations of becoming Bowl eligible alive. At the end of the day, this is the type of game K-State can lean back on for experience when the going gets tough. This is the type of game that builds team unity and cohesion and in the end there was no quit in these Cats.

"We kept telling ourselves not to give up. And we never did. We never gave up." said
Darren Sproles.
The Cats will play Colorado next in Boulder with two more wins to become bowl eligible.

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