Meier, Webb to both play at Colorado

K-State looks to now officially have a two-headed quarterback. That's the situation the Wildcats are in, now that Allen Webb has arrived and led the Cats to two straight victories in games he has played in. Meier on the other hand, hopes to regain the form he once had this season.

It's another must-win game ahead of the Kansas State Wildcats this week when they travel to Colorado and attempt to win their last two games to put them in their second straight Big 12 Championship.

However, more than ever, K-State's quarterback situation is up in the air.

Coupled with Dylan Meier's mistakes and Allen Webb's offensive surge that began against Nebraska, K-State (4-5) now has a true quarterback controversy. And K-State head coach Bill Snyder said Tuesday that he isn't sure which one of his sophomore signal callers will get the start against the Buffaloes.

"I don't know yet, and as I said after the ballgame, we just need to go through the week of practice and make some decisions based on our preparation in terms of what we want to do and how we want to do it," he said. "That will determine who we want to do it with, and it could be either of the two, but I have not made that decision yet."

However, he said he'll make his decision following the last practice of the week, which is Thursday.

But while the decision as to who starts is still up in the air, Snyder is sure of one thing: Both will play.

"There is probably a case in both directions," he said as to whether Webb or Meier's abilities are better suited for the game against Colorado. "There are certain things that you would say would be appropriate for one, and there are certain things that you would say would be appropriate for the other. I'm pretty sure we will play them both. I believe that will take place. When each quarterback plays will not be designed. It will take place just like it did last week."

Allen Webb, who completed 6-of-8 passes for 111 yards two touchdowns while running for an additional 52 yards last week, said that despite not knowing if he'll start Saturday, he's going to prepare as if he will.

"I'm not sure, but I'm going to prepare like I am going to go in there and start, and that's always how I try to do things.  I'm not sure though."

Meier was 4-of-16 for 37 yards.

Senior tight end Brian Casey said that he and the rest of the team does not care which quarterback starts, but rather now, unlike earlier in the season, they all know both quarterbacks are able to come into the game and lead K-State to victory.

"He came in there, made plays, and stepped up big," Casey said of Webb's performance against Missouri. "I'm confident with both quarterbacks. It really doesn't matter to me which quarterback is in there. They are both capable of leading us in the game. You have seen that throughout the year. Whoever is in there is good with me, and the rest of the team feels that way too. Now we have the confidence, either if it's Dylan or Allen in the game that we are going to win."

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