Florida Linebacking Duo Scheduling Manhattan

Miami (Fla.) Coral Reef linebacker/defensive end Avery Vogt (6-2, 225, 4.67) and teammate Eric Houston easily form one of the most tenacious LB duos in the State of Florida---if not the nation. Both are looking to start scheduling official visits and both are looking to set a visit up together to Manhattan.

"We are trying to set up a visit to K-State together right now. I mean we have talked about it but we just have not settled in on an official date yet. I mean we want to go to the same school and we were going to visit earlier but it is looking like probably late December or maybe early January. But we are going to set that up."

With a scholarship offer from Kansas State already in hand, Avery says his top schools right now are:

"Auburn, West Virginia, North Carolina State and Kansas State but those are in no particular order. I like those schools the best right now."

Coach Elliot is recruiting Avery for the Cats and it is the Wildcat's defense and tradition of putting linebackers in the NFL that has this recruit excited to visit Manhattan and speak with the coaches.

"Talking to the coaches and when I met Coach Elliot, he was just really cool. And then I did some research on them and I like their linebacking tradition and what they offer. I mean they make some really good linebackers there. So that is really all I needed to hear really. Good linebackers, good linebacking coach and an aggressive defense- that's about it."

As for distance and playing close to home, Avery says that it will not be a factor at all.

"Leaving the state of Florida is fine. Going way North or way West is fine- distance is really not a big deal."

Making the switch to linebacker this year, Vogt says his most natural position is the Mike spot and he would like to be recruited to play Mike in college.

"I love contact. If I had to choose I would say that contact is the best part of the game and I just crave the contact. Right now I am playing in the middle and I really would like to stay there at the college level. Some schools are recruiting to play defensive end but I would like to stay in the middle."

With his season ending this past Saturday, Vogt says he will have more time to start thinking about recruiting and setting up visits to his interested schools. Although Vogt claims no favorite, he mentioned that he talks to his partner in crime- Eric Houston often about where they would like to play.

"Eric and I talk a lot about where we want to play together. I mean there are a couple schools that have already offered us together and it looks pretty good right now. I mean if we can go together that would be great but if not that is the way the cookie crumbles and we would have to do what is best for ourselves."

Asked about his style of play, Vogt had this to say.

"I am not real Big on words (he says this chuckling). I am not a real vocal type of guy at all. I try to let me play talk and I guess that is what I would tell you as far as how I like to play or my style."

Because he did not want to describe his style of play, I asked Avery to describe his teammate and fellow Barracuda--- Eric Houston's style of play.

"Eric, now he is a talker. He does all the talking. Stand next to him and he does all the talking for you on the field. I just play, that's it. That's kinda how that goes (still chuckling)."

Vogt, also a varsity basketball player for Coral Reef, holds a 2.9 GPA and has scored 940 on the SAT.

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