Webb has come a long way

It's been an up and down season for sophomore quarterback Allen Webb, but it's one heck of an experience he wouldn't change for the world. After starting slow against Fresno State and then again at Kansas, the dynamic quarterback has began to show his true colors with wins against Nebraska and Missouri.

Kansas State sophomore quarterback Allen Webb has come a long way since his first start against Fresno State.

That might be an understatement considering the comments that were being heaved from the stands after that loss to now embracing him after a dominating win against Nebraska and a come-from-behind, off the bench victory last week at Missouri.

Though K-State head coach Bill Snyder has not announced which quarterback will start Saturday against Colorado, Webb's progression is something he attributes his recent success to a better work ethic and more film study between games.

"That is really just making things easier for me now, being able to recognize the defense so that I can go out there and play and react," he said. "I think at KU, I was just thinking a little too much and just kind of holding back the way I know I can play. I had to learn the hard way, but I'm glad that it's working out."

But don't get Webb wrong. Making the transition from the No. 2 quarterback that nobody has confidence in to the guy who could be starting against the Buffaloes because he's played better than the No. 1, has been a long road. It's a process offensive lineman Jeromey Clary said he couldn't begin to imagine what it's like.

"I couldn't imagine coming in here and being the quarterback," he said. "The media has known his name since he was in eighth grade and he's been tearing defenses apart since then. I can't even imagine all of the stress and responsibility that is put on the quarterback. It's got to be a lot."

In the last month, it's been all Webb. Starting with the win over the Cornhuskers, and then not playing at all in the Texas Tech loss to leading K-State to victory at Missouri, it would be easy to assume some might think Webb is needed if K-State is to win a game.

And Despite the fact that Meier is 0-2 in his last two complete games started and that Webb is 1-1 in since starting against Fresno State, coupled with his performance last week, Snyder said he doesn't think his team feels particularly less confident with either one of the quarterbacks in the game.

"I would believe, and I don't know this for a fact, that our players probably feel the same way that I do," he said. "They see these young guys practice everyday and they know what they are capable of and not capable of. I have a pretty good guess that they really feel very good about both of them and like the things that both of them are capable of doing."

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